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Big Sister Ayla, Baby Cruz and Mom Nicole

Nicole, Ayla and Cruz

Nicole, a Sleep Consultant and owner of Belly to Bean, was already a fan of Colic Calm when she welcomed her 2nd baby Cruz into the world.  She had used it for her 2 year old daughter Ayla when she was a baby for her gassy tummy.   Nicole thought when she had Ayla that she would be coming home with a calm and quiet baby.  “I was surprised when she was so alert and fussy all the time.” She tells us.  “I was up all night and would go for days on just 2-4 hours of sleep.”  Nicole says, “Once I found Colic Calm my life changed.”

Nicole found out when Cruz was 4 weeks old that he had reflux.  “The doctor prescribed him Zantac”, she tells us, “I found that it bothered his stomach too, so I gave him Colic Calm more often and now he is doing great!”  Nicole has stopped giving Cruz Zantac and is only using the Colic Calm now.  She tells us, “I feel much better knowing he is getting a natural product now instead of prescription medications.”

“For Cruz I find it works best when I give him Colic Calm before a feeding and at bedtime.” Nicole tells us, “It really helps him fall asleep faster and without all the fussing and grunting.”  Cruz is now 5 months old and he is still using Colic Calm.  Nicole is planning on ordering Tummy Calm to have on hand for Ayla in case she has some tummy upset.

Nicole tells us, “As a Sleep Consultant, I tell every mom I know and work with about Colic Calm.”  “I let them know it is #1 on my list of favorite items.”  She said, “Why not have them try something that is tried, tested and LOVED by other moms.”


One Mom’s Story: Suzette and Baby Seth Figgins

Seth Figgins Second time mom Suzette, from South Africa, was thrilled to have her new baby, Seth Figgins.  “When we got him home he was such an angel”, she told us.  After about 4 weeks poor little Seth began having horrible tummy troubles, suffering with gas, upset tummy and colic.  After tying 6 different medications with no success, Suzette was unsure how to help her little one.  She tells us, “I felt so hopeless and did not know what to do anymore to help my baby.”  When he was 6 weeks old she turned to the internet where she posted a comment on a Facebook mommy group looking for advice. Someone recommended she do some research on Colic Calm.  “We are so thankful we discovered Colic Calm”, Suzette tells us. “Seth Figgins’ hands used to be so tight in a fist and after one dose of Colic Calm his hands were open and he was so relaxed!”  She explained to us how Colic Calm seems to work best for her little one when she gives him a dose about 30 minutes after a feeding.  “We thank you so much for this product…We don’t know what we would have done without it!” Suzette exclaimed.  Seth Figgins is now 13 weeks old and still finding relief from Colic Calm.

One Mom’s Story: Kayla and Her Daughter Riley

Baby Riley
When Kayla brought her precious newborn baby home, she didn’t realize how difficult the first few weeks were going to be. Her little girl, Riley, would scream for hours every night and they had no idea why. Kayla told us, “We finally realized it was dairy and soy in my diet that was contributing to Riley’s discomfort.” She said, “Even with a strict diet it is nearly impossible to avoid soy and dairy at all times.”
At 3 months old Riley was still suffering with digestive discomfort so Kayla sent her husband to CVS to purchase some gas drops and an infant probiotic to help. He was unable to find any probiotics that were soy and dairy free and that is when he came across Tummy Calm. He brought the Tummy Calm home, happy he had found something all natural for his little girl. Kayla told us, “I was a little leery at first having tried other “all natural” gas drops and gripe waters with no relief for my baby.” “We hate giving her anything because we worry about side effects.”
Kayla was thrilled to finally find something that worked. “We began using Tummy Calm for Riley’s food sensitivities and have found that it also works great for her teething and other gas pains.” She told us, “We give it to her anytime she feels discomfort and we also give it to her before long car rides to help as a preventative.”  “Tummy Calm has been a lifesaver for us!”  Kayla tells us that Riley is now 4 ½ months old and they are still using Tummy Calm regularly now that her teeth are coming in.

One Mom’s Story: Busisiwe And Her Son Kuhlesibonge Moeng


After spending months preparing for the birth of her son, first time mom Busisiwe was not prepared for the long hours of Kuhlesibonge Moeng crying.  Her beautiful new son was experiencing so much discomfort from colic and reflux and nothing she tried–not even the probiotic the doctor prescribed– was providing any relief.  

When we asked Busisiwe what led her to Colic Calm she told us, “After weeks of sleepless nights I found Colic Calm on the internet when searching the word colic.  I finally found the answer to my sleepless nights and most importantly, relief for my son’s colic.”  She told us,  “Kuhlesibonge Moeng was around six weeks old when we began using Colic Calm.  I would give it to him before feeding or anytime he was showing symptoms of reflux or colic.” 

Kuhlesibonge Moeng is now three months old and still uses Colic Calm on occasion.  Busisiwe is happy to report, “He doesn’t need it very often anymore and is now ever so happy and cheerful.”

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

One Mom’s Story: Falicia and Daughters Morgan and Haley

1361824750648When we become parents for the first time, we find ourselves in a world of joy, love and self-doubt. As mothers, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can for our children, and we do. But if our newborn baby cries and cries, and there’s nothing we can do soothe him, the self-doubt creeps in. “What am I doing wrong?” “What am I NOT doing?” are constant questions that float across our minds.

When Falicia’s first child, Morgan, was born, she experienced Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Catherine and Baby Jacob


Catherine thought she knew what she was in for when bringing her newborn home. Jacob was Catherine’s second baby, so she had prepared herself for the endless feeding sessions and the mountains of diapers that would need changing.  She was also ready for the snuggling and love that a newborn brings. However, she was not prepared for Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Colleen and Baby Augusta

Augusta Marie - Colic CalmColleen and her husband shared pure bliss when they brought their first child, a daughter named Augusta Marie, home from the hospital. Life was good, the baby was perfect and they journeyed on to this new stage of life called Parenthood. However, about five weeks into it, something happened. Augusta cried . . . and didn’t stop. In her own words, this is Colleen’s story.

“As brand new parents, my husband and I gladly accepted advice from many different sources regarding how to best care for our newborn. Being a first time parent to an infant is an incredibly Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Megan and Baby Greyson

704181_10151180436285897_244658523_oI contacted Megan, who runs the blog, A Moment Like This, after reading her post on Facebook that Colic Calm worked like a charm for her baby, Greyson. Below, in her own words, is the story of Greyson and how Colic Calm helped soothe his cries.

Before I found Colic Calm, I researched all kinds of gripe water used for infants. I was surprised to find ingredients in them used for reflux that weren’t even recommended for babies or kids under five-years-old! I didn’t want to give my baby something that could potentially be harmful to him, but I wanted to have something Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Aimee and Baby Ryan

3weeks_1Having Baby #2 is a whole lot easier—you know what to expect with the delivery, you have a handle on nursing, and you don’t have to buy all the equipment. For Aimee, it also meant she knew the signs of reflux. Her eldest child, Katie, was diagnosed with reflux, but as Aimee says, “My daughter had reflux as an infant and was put on Zantac. It did work, but I hated giving such a little baby prescription medication everyday.” So when Ryan, her second child, would cry and showed signs of distress, she knew that, once again, it could be a result of reflux.

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One Mom’s Story: Robyn and Baby Blythe

love giraffe jLike many women in today’s world, Robyn waited before becoming pregnant for the first time and looked into her future with excitement as she took this next step in life. Robyn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and named her Blythe. The first few weeks were peaceful, but then, the crying started. Robyn says, “. . . our days and nights were so very stressful and our poor little Blythe seemed so unhappy. She would scream and cry starting mid afternoon for long periods and was almost impossible to get to go to sleep at night.”

For those of you who have experienced colic, you’ll Continue reading