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Ashley and Baby Abigail


When Ashley Russell’s first-born daughter Abigail was just about four weeks old, she began experiencing a lot of gas issues. Since Ashley was taking medication for postpartum complications, and she was breastfeeding, there were multiple factors causing her newborn’s digestive upset.

“She was not the happy little girl she had been, and I could tell she was in pain,” Ashley said. “I was using infant gas drops but she was not getting any relief. She was unable to sleep and was extremely fussy. I called her doctor’s office to see if there was anything further I could do for her and they recommended Colic Calm and also the use of a probiotic.”

Though Ashley had used homeopathic remedies for herself before, she had not used them with her daughter. After giving Abigail her first dose of Colic Calm she noticed a marked improvement within about 30 minutes. “She seemed to loved the taste and was finally able to calm down enough to sleep. She had been awake from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m,” she added.

Ashley was surprised but pleased after the first dose of Colic Calm, Abigail slept the best she ever had in her few short weeks.

“Since using the product and having such great results I have been letting all my friends with children know how awesome this product really is. She is five weeks now and still using Colic Calm. We give it to her before a feeding and again before bedtime. We plan to keep it on hand.”

I Couldn’t Believe It. It Had Worked Instantly.

Karina-LunaBefore first-time mom Karina Luna discovered Colic Calm®, her newborn baby Jaxon would suddenly wake up screaming. She and her husband couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Nothing would calm him down, so they would do what many parents do… wait it out and hope it would soon stop.

“I wanted an all-natural product without alcohol that was fast acting,” she said. “I was desperately searching Google for a colic remedy.”

After six weeks of waiting it out, Karina herself was so sleep deprived that she would cry with Jaxon because all she wanted to do was take away his pain but couldn’t. “That is until I found Colic Calm. I couldn’t believe it. It had worked instantly.” The first night she gave six-week-old Jaxon Colic Calm was the first time that both she and baby had a good night sleep.  “The next morning he woke up in a great mood,” she recounted. “I finally have my happy baby. I have been using it ever since at the first sign of him being uncomfortable.”

Nina and Baby Nathan

Baby NathanWhen Nina Scott welcomed her fifth child into her family, she and her husband were faced with something they had never experienced with any of their other babies. Their son, Nathan Scott, was a “fussy baby” from the moment he was brought home from the hospital. It was about a week after bringing him home that Nina realized just how different her fifth baby was. Nathan would cry on end for 18-plus hours every single day. He wasn’t sleeping, and neither was anyone else in the family.

“As a mother of five children, I’ve never in my life heard a baby cry so long. It’s been hard at times to enjoy our little one and that’s heartbreaking for me, his mommy, to say,” said Nina.

Nathan’s pediatrician couldn’t provide much help. He just confirmed what they had suspected. Nathan had colic. The doctor said he would eventually grow out of it. But until that time came, what to do?

“The word ‘eventually’ resonated with me. We couldn’t wait for eventually. The crying was getting worse. It soon became shrill screaming. I could tell it wasn’t just gas or stomach pain because he wasn’t tightening his stomach or tensing in his legs. The medicine he had was not providing relief,” Nina said.

“After about four weeks of this situation, everyone at my church came to know about his colic. A friend put me in touch with her friend on Facebook, who said Colic Calm had been her miracle.”

After reading the recommendation, and trying just about everything else to soothe their new baby, Nina’s husband ran out to buy their first bottle.

“He was four weeks old, so we were reluctant but desperate for our baby to get relief,” she said.

Initially Nathan was getting Colic Calm every day and night, but because it stimulates the body’s self-healing properties, he now only needs it at night after three weeks of use, Nina reports.

“We just needed him to have relief and Colic Calm has helped provide it. Thank you for your amazing product!”

Tricia and Jemma

Tricia 1

Two weeks after first-time mom Tricia Laboeuf brought home her daughter Jemma, a new reality set in. Of course the newly expanded family would have to adjust to feeding, diapering, swaddling, and cuddling, but they didn’t expect to endure 10 weeks of seemingly endless crying. At first, they were unsure what was wrong; maybe she was hungry, wet, or uncomfortable in some way? As the days progressed her crying increased more and more. Jemma had colic.

During those first couple of months, Tricia’s police officer husband was working odd hours, sometimes first, second or even third shift. Tricia was left to care for Baby Jemma by herself. All day. Her crying would start bright and early around 8 a.m., with a brief pause during a morning nap, and then it was back to pacing the floors. Doing the dishes, mopping the floors, laundry – all Tricia’s house chores were done with Jemma in her arms (or a carrier) bouncing away.

Jemma’s crying would persist for hours at a time–up to 6 or 7 sometimes. Alone and exhausted, Tricia would watch the clock waiting for her husband to return just to pass her back and forth for the remainder of the night. The days he had to work late usually resulted in the both of them crying together.

After several attempts at finding a solution to end her baby’s discomfort including peppermint tea, Mylicon gas drops, various tummy remedies, lavender and more, they finally found what they affectionately call, their bottle of GOLD.

When given directly before each feeding, Colic Calm created a magical baby who, instead of crying, laughed, played and giggled like a happy content child.  It took about five to seven days to fully take affect, but according to Tricia was worth the wait. Today the colic-surviving mama swears by Colic Calm and recommends it to any friends who are suffering like they did.

Flash forward to today, three years after life with colic. Tricia and her husband are expecting baby number two in March, and plan to use Colic Calm again if needed. (WE HOPE NOT!!)

Tricia 2

Sleep Tips by Kim West

sleep deprivation and colic

World renowned sleep coach Kim West who is also known as The Sleep Lady® by her clients and has appeared on multiple networks such as Dr. Phil, the Today Show, and Good Morning America has written a great article entitled “How to Get Sleep When Dealing With Colic“.

In the article she discusses the reality of being a new parent and losing sleep especially with a baby who has colic. She goes onto discuss a few things parents need to be aware of that will help them get through the first few months with their new baby, along with helpful sleep tips, how to create a sleep plan, and extreme cases of sleep deprivation that can lead to Postpartum Depression (PPD). She has even included a survey to help you determine if your sleep deprived.

If you’re a new parent and are struggling with the lack of sleep you’re getting take Kim’s advice and follow her helpful sleep tips.

Autumn and her mom Dani

Rachel and Dani

Autumn is the 2nd of 3 children to Dani Sellers and has suffered from colic and reflux from the time she was about a month old.  Dani was researching treatments for her little one and was uncomfortable with the lack of scientific data to back up the effectiveness or safety of prescription reflux medications for infants and children.  She started searching for an alternative way to treat Autumn’s symptoms that posed less risk and that is when she discovered Colic Calm.

“We knew right away that Autumn had colic and reflux”, Dani told us.  “She would cry and spit-up all the time and it was very difficult to soothe her.  I had to change her bibs and clothes non-stop and always carried extra whenever we left the house.”  Dani said, “We noticed an immediate reduction in her crying and spitting up as soon as we began using Colic Calm.  It was AMAZING and a lifesaver!”

Dani told us, “Once we had to travel to see family and were worried about being able to bring it on the plane so we shipped it to their house ahead of time.  When it had not shown up by the time we arrived, Autumn was miserable.  I found a holistic store and bought a different type of gripe water and it did not do a thing to help. When the Colic Calm finally arrived a couple days before we left it had an almost immediate effect on her.  Although I already believed in the product, that day just solidified my confidence and love for Colic Calm.”

“Because of Colic Calm, Dani told us, I was able to enjoy my daughter in ways that I was struggling with prior to using it.  I have been an advocate ever since and have given out the website address more times than I can count.  I will stand by this product until the end of time.”

Victoria and Baby Louella


Victoria was looking forward to becoming a 2nd time mom.  She already had a son Rhett and couldn’t wait to welcome her daughter Louella.  When they brought Louella home she began showing signs of having Colic.  Victoria tells us, “Before Colic Calm we were up all night . Louella would cry for hours with no amount of consoling that did any good. Since I am breastfeeding her, I tried removing things such as dairy from my diet to no avail.”  We asked Victoria how she found out about Colic Calm and she told us, “Louella was diagnosed with colic at her one month checkup. I do not like to use prescription medications, if at all possible, so I declined a prescription from her pediatrician, with the understanding that I would do research to try to find a more natural solution, and we had already tried other gripe waters that just contained fennel and ginger extracts. Amidst my research I had seen rave reviews and decided to give it a try.”  Victoria told us that Colic Calm seems to work best when she gives it to Louella after she feeds her which is every 3 hours. “With the first dose of Colic Calm, she immediately turned into a different baby. She was much more peaceful and slept without making the grimacing, painful faces.”   Victoria tells us they are still using Colic Calm now that Louella is older only in the evenings when she is showing signs of Colic.


Janelle and Nolan

Janelle, Kaylee and NolanJanelle’s 2nd baby, Nolan was always a good sleeper until he was about 4-5 months old. “Nolan suddenly began waking up several times a night gassy and uncomfortable.” Janelle told us. She said she tried other gas drops and gripe water and nothing seemed to help. “I searched online for other parents advice and found information on Tummy Calm so I went to the store and bought it to use that night.”
“Nolan is breastfed but allergic to milk so I have been on a very restricted diet since he was 4 days old.” Janelle told us. She said she was about to give up breastfeeding when she found Tummy Calm. “I gave him a ½ of a dose that first night and he slept for 8 glorious hours. He was much happier and so was I!” Janelle told us she has been using Tummy Calm ever since and Nolan’s sleep is much more peaceful, with far fewer wake-ups.
We asked Janelle how she would use Tummy Calm and she told us, “I give it to Nolan in the middle of his last feeding of the day. This seems to help him settle and get comfortable for sleeping. I wish we had known about Tummy Calm for our daughter when she was a baby. We will definitely recommend Tummy Calm to anyone with a gassy baby!”

Twins Leah & Chaya, Their Big Sister and Mom Deborah

Baby Leah and ChayaLeah and Chaya Gold

Preparing for one new baby can be very exciting but preparing for two takes it to a whole new level!  Deborah however was not prepared for the digestive discomforts of Leah and Chaya, her twin baby girls.  They had all the symptoms of colic and gas…their legs would go up to their chest and they would cry and scream.   Deborah tells us, “We were living on 2 hours of sleep and trying everything from baby swings to carriers to running around the block with the jogging stroller until we wanted to pass out!”  Deborah’s friend heard about Colic Calm on the internet and emailed her about it right away.  “I think she saved my life with that email!” Deborah tells us.

It turns out that Leah and Chaya both have reflux and many allergies including dairy, soy and all dyes and fragrances.  Deborah said, “I had to cut out soy and dairy from my diet because I was breastfeeding”, She also said that the twins are unable to take any over the counter medications with dye in them or they will break out in horrible rashes all over their bodies.  “We really need to be label readers and stick to all natural, organic, homeopathic medications whenever we can.”, Deborah tells us.

“We would give both girls a dose of Colic Calm after each feeding to help ease the reflux and also a dose before bedtime.” Deborah said.  “This stuff was a game changer for these babies!”  Leah and Chaya are now 6 years old and still use Colic Calm when they are having digestive trouble.  “I give bottles of Colic Calm as gifts to new and expectant moms.” Deborah tell us. “I explain how great it works and show them the website so they can learn more.”    She said, “We just found out about Tummy Calm and can’t wait to give it a try.”

Nolan and His Mom Brandi

Brandi and Nolan

First time mom Brandi had been warned by her friends that her newborn son, Nolan may experience gas pains.  “Nolan had gas from the beginning, she told us, but it didn’t become painful for him until he hit 4 weeks and we were not prepared for what came next. “  “Those first few days were miserable for the little guy, Brandi told us.  He was constantly tense and could not seem to get comfortable.  He would only sleep if I was holding him.”

When Nolan first started having gas, Brandi’s friends suggested  Simethicone drops.   She researched the product and found it was full of artificial colors and flavors.  “My husband is a chef and we try to eat as healthy, organic foods as much as possible, Brandi said.  If I can’t make it from scratch, we generally do not eat it.”  She told us, “While my friends swore by the Simethicone drops, I set out to find a better way and that is how I found Tummy Calm.”  “I liked the fact that it was all natural and could be given at any time, not just with meals,  she said.  “Tummy Calm works on gas throughout the digestive track, not just in the stomach like the other products.  Nolan’s gas was mainly in his intestines, so a product that only works on gas in the stomach would not help him at all.”

Brandi picked up some Tummy Calm on her way home from Nolan’s one month check-up where his pediatrician completely supported her decision to use it.  “I gave him his first dose right before he nursed, she told us.  At the beginning of the feeding he was tense and squealing in pain but within minutes of taking the Tummy Calm her relaxed and stretched his legs out for the first time in days.”

In the beginning Brandi was giving Nolan a dose every 4 hours.  “It worked like a charm, she said.   Now that he is older and his digestive tract is maturing,  we have moved to giving him a dose when he gets gas and right before bed as a preventative.”