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Victoria and Baby Louella


Victoria was looking forward to becoming a 2nd time mom.  She already had a son Rhett and couldn’t wait to welcome her daughter Louella.  When they brought Louella home she began showing signs of having Colic.  Victoria tells us, “Before Colic Calm we were up all night . Louella would cry for hours with no amount of consoling that did any good. Since I am breastfeeding her, I tried removing things such as dairy from my diet to no avail.”  We asked Victoria how she found out about Colic Calm and she told us, “Louella was diagnosed with colic at her one month checkup. I do not like to use prescription medications, if at all possible, so I declined a prescription from her pediatrician, with the understanding that I would do research to try to find a more natural solution, and we had already tried other gripe waters that just contained fennel and ginger extracts. Amidst my research I had seen rave reviews and decided to give it a try.”  Victoria told us that Colic Calm seems to work best when she gives it to Louella after she feeds her which is every 3 hours. “With the first dose of Colic Calm, she immediately turned into a different baby. She was much more peaceful and slept without making the grimacing, painful faces.”   Victoria tells us they are still using Colic Calm now that Louella is older only in the evenings when she is showing signs of Colic.


Janelle and Nolan

Janelle, Kaylee and NolanJanelle’s 2nd baby, Nolan was always a good sleeper until he was about 4-5 months old. “Nolan suddenly began waking up several times a night gassy and uncomfortable.” Janelle told us. She said she tried other gas drops and gripe water and nothing seemed to help. “I searched online for other parents advice and found information on Tummy Calm so I went to the store and bought it to use that night.”
“Nolan is breastfed but allergic to milk so I have been on a very restricted diet since he was 4 days old.” Janelle told us. She said she was about to give up breastfeeding when she found Tummy Calm. “I gave him a ½ of a dose that first night and he slept for 8 glorious hours. He was much happier and so was I!” Janelle told us she has been using Tummy Calm ever since and Nolan’s sleep is much more peaceful, with far fewer wake-ups.
We asked Janelle how she would use Tummy Calm and she told us, “I give it to Nolan in the middle of his last feeding of the day. This seems to help him settle and get comfortable for sleeping. I wish we had known about Tummy Calm for our daughter when she was a baby. We will definitely recommend Tummy Calm to anyone with a gassy baby!”

One Mom’s Story: Suzette and Baby Seth Figgins

Seth Figgins Second time mom Suzette, from South Africa, was thrilled to have her new baby, Seth Figgins.  “When we got him home he was such an angel”, she told us.  After about 4 weeks poor little Seth began having horrible tummy troubles, suffering with gas, upset tummy and colic.  After tying 6 different medications with no success, Suzette was unsure how to help her little one.  She tells us, “I felt so hopeless and did not know what to do anymore to help my baby.”  When he was 6 weeks old she turned to the internet where she posted a comment on a Facebook mommy group looking for advice. Someone recommended she do some research on Colic Calm.  “We are so thankful we discovered Colic Calm”, Suzette tells us. “Seth Figgins’ hands used to be so tight in a fist and after one dose of Colic Calm his hands were open and he was so relaxed!”  She explained to us how Colic Calm seems to work best for her little one when she gives him a dose about 30 minutes after a feeding.  “We thank you so much for this product…We don’t know what we would have done without it!” Suzette exclaimed.  Seth Figgins is now 13 weeks old and still finding relief from Colic Calm.

One Mom’s Story: Catherine and Baby Jacob


Catherine thought she knew what she was in for when bringing her newborn home. Jacob was Catherine’s second baby, so she had prepared herself for the endless feeding sessions and the mountains of diapers that would need changing.  She was also ready for the snuggling and love that a newborn brings. However, she was not prepared for Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Robyn and Baby Blythe

love giraffe jLike many women in today’s world, Robyn waited before becoming pregnant for the first time and looked into her future with excitement as she took this next step in life. Robyn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and named her Blythe. The first few weeks were peaceful, but then, the crying started. Robyn says, “. . . our days and nights were so very stressful and our poor little Blythe seemed so unhappy. She would scream and cry starting mid afternoon for long periods and was almost impossible to get to go to sleep at night.”

For those of you who have experienced colic, you’ll Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Ashley and Baby Peyton

All babies cry, and all babies spit-up; as parents we know this. But when your newborn is waking up in pools of spit-up, is that what’s considered normal? Such was the case for first time mom Ashley and her son Peyton. For the first couple weeks of his life, Peyton was fine, but all of a sudden, he started spitting up uncontrollably after each feeding, which Ashley says, “. .  . was quite often since he is breastfed.”

Having to constantly clean spit-up is one thing, but when it interferes with your baby’s sleeping—which carries over into your sleeping—that’s another. Ashley describes life back then, “The poor little guy was so Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Elizabeth and Baby Madelyn

Madelyn at 11 months with her “best girl”, Minnie Mouse

Being a new mom is difficult, but imagine how much more difficult it would be if your husband was gone. Such was this case for Elizabeth. Originally from Wisconsin, and living in Mississippi, Elizabeth was seven months pregnant when her husband, Chris, was deployed. They kept in touch through Skype, and Chris was able to watch his child’s birth (a girl, which they named Madelyn Grace) through Skype. Though Skype was great, Elizabeth was still without help. As she says, “I was basically alone for the first 5.5 months. Though Madelyn never cried all day, a few hours here or there or nights where I couldn’t get her to sleep; the fact that it was just me and I didn’t have any help—I couldn’t even call my husband sometimes—those times were pretty rough.”

As those first few months progressed, Elizabeth, Madelyn, and Dad would visit on Skype. One evening, however, Madelyn Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Alesha and Baby Zaydin

Alesha was no stranger to the maternity ward—she had just had her third boy, Zaydin, but things weren’t going very smoothly. First, he was born early and had to spend time in the NICU, and secondly, he had terrible reflux and would spit up everything that he ate. Alesha shares the trials of trying to help Zaydin, and what finally worked to make him happy again. This is her story.

From Alesha:

Zaydin was born about a month early–I had gotten the stomach flu which put me into early labor. After Zaydin was born, he was in the NICU for about three days and was fed Enfamil newborn formula, which he would spit up all the time. Zaydin couldn’t Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Jocelyn and Baby Bentley

When Jocelyn had Bentley (her second child) all seemed well. Then, when he was about six weeks old, he “woke” up as newborns do. He was cooed a little more, looked around a bit more, and he cried A LOT more. Especially at night time. Jocelyn says that, “Bentley would cry from 6:30-9:00 PM and not calm down.” Bentley had the dreaded colic, and as those of us with colicky babies know, this is no fun for a family—especially when there are older siblings that need a good night’s rest.

After about a week of his crying, Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Desiree and Baby Caspian

First time mom, Desiree, was hit with colic right from the start–her son Caspian was colicky from birth. Desiree says, “I’d feel horrible because I’d try everything under the sun that was supposed to help colic–warm baths, white noise, swaying, rocking, expensive, fancy bottles, etc, but those things only made him feel better for a bit.” While she was still trying to find a remedy for Caspian’s colic, things got worse. When Caspian was one month old, his pediatrician diagnosed him with reflux and prescribed Zantac, which, as Desiree says, was “ineffective and [I] found that it also constipated him.”  So, as Desiree had new mom hormones coursing through her, she had a screaming baby who was refluxy and constipated. Not fun.

Desiree knew things had to change–no one was happy, especially little Caspian. Her next step? Desiree Continue reading