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Understanding Sunscreen

Since summer has begun, I’m sure you, like me, have been inundated with emails that talk about sunscreen–what’s the best, what SPF do you really need, and what ingredients to look for. Even with these helpful emails, it’s still hard to understand exactly what to look for in a sunscreen. I recently interviewed two people in the business, and it was enlightening–but I still got confused. So, after poking around the mighty world wide web, I’ve found three articles that may help you out:

Healthy Child, Healthy World: This story breaks down exactly what you need to look for in a SPF. Note: the higher SPF Continue reading

Breastfeeding versus Formula

breast is best, breastfeeding, reason why we can't breastfeed, pumping for breastmilk, baby health issuesI recently ran across a blog post where a woman, for various reasons, had to give her son formula instead of breast milk. This move made her feel so guilty, but she did her best to think that it was out of her hands, and move on from the situation. However, the woman had recently attended a video (promoting breastfeeding) showing at a breastfeeding boutique. She agrees that education on how “breast is best” needs to be done in, but she didn’t agree on how guilty the video made one feel if they WEREN’T breastfeeding. The whole point? That we need to be sympathetic to all people and all situations.

I commented on the woman’s post, saying that I have friends, who, for some reason or another, couldn’t breastfeed. They cried and cried, tried and tried, but for whatever reason–be it the lack of milk production or a child’s Continue reading

Homeopathy–Should it be a Part of Socialized Medicine?

nhs uk, United Kingdom's National Health Service, bma, British Medical Association, socialist medicine, homeopathy and socialist medicine, telegraph uk, bbc online, National Hospital for Neurology, Great Ormond Street, John Garner, Dr David Shipstone  Homeopathy is big in Europe. In fact, it’s how Jacqueline Lawrence, creator of Colic Calm received her inspiration to formulate the solution to stop colic. As someone who spent a lot of her life in France, whenever Jacqueline would have some kind of “ailment,” off to the homeopathic pharmacy she would go. Homeopathy worked for her, so it should work for her baby. And Colic Calm DOES work. But, I digress. . .

As I said, homeopathy is big in Europe. And that includes England. Currently, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) spends about four million pounds on funding four homeopathic hospitals, as well as numerous prescriptions. Sounds like heaven if you choose to practice homeopathy, right? Unfortunately, the NHS has been under heavy pressure from Britain’s doctors to stop the funding. Members of the British Medical Association (BMA) have stated that homeopathy Continue reading

Breast Milk and Cancer

Photo from The Daily

A study was recently done by researchers with Lund University and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden which shows a link between a substance in breast milk and cancer cells. The substance kills the cancer! Although the substance has been found a while ago, it wasn’t until recently that it could be tested on humans. An article from Science Daily says that, “Patients with cancer of the bladder who were treated with the substance excreted dead cancer cells in their urine after each treatment, which has given rise to hopes that it can be developed into medication for cancer care in the future.”

The substance, Continue reading

In the Birthing Room: Cesarean versus VBAC

vbac, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, breech baby, national institutes of health, birth and health insurance,

Kristine and baby Owen, after a safe VBAC delivery.

It’s rare to find someone these days who had a cesarean, and then a subsequent VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) delivery. My first pregnancy, I had a natural, drug-free delivery, but for the birth of my second child, I had to have a cesarean due to my baby being breech. As a result, I assume that if my husband and I wanted to have more kids, they would be delivered via cesarean. It makes me a bit sad, but then I think that I was lucky  to experience a vaginal birth–many others haven’t been able to do the same.

I have friends who, for some reason or another, had to have cesarean deliveries for their firstborns, and long to have a vaginal birth to see what it’s like. But, they feel that the medical world, “is what it is” and leave it at that. One friend wanted nothing but a natural, drug-free birth and ended up having a cesarean, and being pumped so full of drugs that she couldn’t Continue reading

Placenta Encapsulation: What the Heck?

alissa donner. pregnancy awareness month,  anna getty,  chinese herbs,  chinese medicine,  Jodi Selander,  placenta encapsulation,  placenta’s nutritional benefits,  Sara Pereira,  tree people,  what is placenta encapsulation,  why do you eat the placenta

Mommy Feel Good's encapsulated placenta pills.

This past May, my friend Chelsea and I made the drive up to Los Angeles for a Pregnancy Awareness Month event held at Tree People. Before we went, the PR people for the event emailed us a list of exhibitors so we would be well prepped in what we wanted to do. As I read it, I came to “Placenta Encapsulation.” HUH? I emailed Chelsea, with the words highlighted and a simple, “What the heck?!?” I was visualizing a 1950’s doctor’s office with huge jars filled with formaldehyde and organs floating in them. “You can have that done to your placenta?” I thought. Well, Chelsea and I stumbled upon the Continue reading

Your Baby’s Poop–How do You Know What’s Healthy?

defining your baby’s poop,  dr. sears,  learning to read your baby’s poop,  must-have baby books,  sears family,  the color of your baby’s poop,  what is your baby’s poop telling you,  what to expect the first year,  white baby poop

Your baby's poop can be a medley of colors.

When my first born was a baby, I changed his diaper one day to find an absolutely white poop. Dumbfounded, I looked through my two reference guides–the essential “What to Expect the First Year” and the Sears’ “The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two”  but couldn’t find anything on white poop. The next bowel movement he had was normal, so I chalked (no pun intended) it up to “one more weird thing you encounter as a new mom” and moved on.

Too bad I didn’t have the article I came across today–The Colors of the Infant Bowel Movement Rainbow–a funny, yet very informative Continue reading

Pre-Natal Yoga for Your Mind and Body

benefits of yoga,  is yoga safe?,  pregnancy,  prenatal yoga,  prenatal yoga poses,  studies on yoga,  yogaDuring my first pregnancy, I had a very conservative OB who told me I needed to limit the exercises that I did (running and surfing), especially during my first trimester. Since this was my first pregnancy, I listened. (You know how you want to do everything right, because you don’t want to “mess anything up” only to find yourself getting a little crazier during pregnancy #2.) Anywho, not being able to do just NOTHING, I turned to yoga.

I had practiced a bit of yoga before, but this time around, I threw myself into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. And it was good that I did. According to Michelle Maniaci who wrote an article entitled About Yoga, she states, “Studies on prenatal Yoga specifically indicate an improvement in birth weight, decreased incidence of preterm labor, an improved adaptive response to stress, decreased back pain, nausea, perception of pain, stress, and anxiety, as well as less labor Continue reading

Stressed? Try Homeopathy.

homeopathic remedies for you,  homeopathic solution to stressIf you’re on this site, chances are you know first hand the healing capabilities of homeopathy–you’ve tried the natural solution for your baby by using Colic Calm and it’s worked. Or, perhaps you’re looking to try it. If so, you too, believe in the power of homeopathy. Your baby  has colic, and you have had many a sleepless night, pacing your home, bouncing a crying baby up and down and perhaps shedding a few tears as well. As a result, I’m willing to bet you’re pretty darn stressed.

So why not try a Continue reading

Doulas–Do You Need One?

 	 cesarean birth,  childbirth,  doulas,  drug free birth,  natural birth,  should you hire a doulaWhen I was pregnant with my first child, I, like any pregnant woman, felt anxious on what the whole childbirth process would be like. What would contractions feel like? How would I know that I was having them? What would staying in the hospital be like? And, probably the number one question, would it huuuuurrrt?

I tried to approach childbirth with an open mind–I had an easy pregnancy; hopefully labor would be the same. If I needed an epidural, fine, but I would try to go without. As anyone who has given birth knows, it’s great to have these “ideas” but one needs to go with the flow. And that’s what happened–I went in, breathed deeply through the contractions, and when the nurses finally came in to see my dilation progress, I had reached the finish line. Turned out I was able to get through without an Continue reading