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Does Infant Massage Relieve Colic?

Who doesn’t like a good massage? Nothing takes away life’s stress like someone rubbing you and getting the kinks out. Why would babies feel any different? Infant massage has been gaining more and more popularity over the years, and now it seems as if massage can help colic too.

No one knows exactly what causes colic. The University of Michigan Health System‘s website states, “No one is really sure, but there are a few suspected causes, such as intestinal gas, food sensitivity or allergy, or an immature nervous system. This last idea speculates that Baby’s immature nervous system can’t handle the stimuli of everyday life, and that crying is their only way of communicating this “overload.” An opposite hypothesis is that Baby needs more stimulation, and gets it through crying. Colic is mysterious, but not harmful to your baby.” What does seem certain is that many times there is trapped air and gas, and baby’s tummy is rigid and tense, so it would make sense that you’d want to try and work that gas out, and ease your baby’s pain by skin to skin touch. This is where massage enters. Continue reading

Stressed? Try Homeopathy.

homeopathic remedies for you,  homeopathic solution to stressIf you’re on this site, chances are you know first hand the healing capabilities of homeopathy–you’ve tried the natural solution for your baby by using Colic Calm and it’s worked. Or, perhaps you’re looking to try it. If so, you too, believe in the power of homeopathy. Your baby  has colic, and you have had many a sleepless night, pacing your home, bouncing a crying baby up and down and perhaps shedding a few tears as well. As a result, I’m willing to bet you’re pretty darn stressed.

So why not try a Continue reading

Determining the Correct Dosage

administering medicine,  colic,  colic calm and infant reflux medication,  colic calm dosage instructions,  colic calm facebook,  infant refluxOne of the most recurring discussions on Colic Calm’s Facebook Page, is that many customers are unsure of the correct dosage–they give their baby the first dosage, it didn’t work, and they’re unsure about giving a second, though it says it’s okay to on the box. That’s where Cyndra, Colic Calm’s excellent customer service rep comes into play. To make life a little easier for you, I’ve put together her advice on one page so it’s easy to view. Take a look and if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Basic Dosage Instructions:

Every baby Continue reading

Babies and Hiccups–What Gives?

 	 colic calm,  gastroesophageal reflux disease,  GERD,  gripe water and hiccups,  hiccups in babies,  how to get rid of hiccups,  infant reflux,  what to do about your baby’s hiccups  If you Google “hiccups in babies” all kinds of listings pop up. It’s amazing how many new parents want to know why their babies get the hiccups. If you’re a mother, you probably remember that while you were pregnant, your baby could hiccup with what seemed like forever. Why do they do this?

Hiccups are frequent, sudden contractions of the diaphragm muscle which are most likely to occur just after a feeding or when the child gets excited. As a newborn’s internal organs develop and mature, Continue reading

Colic Support Groups

crying baby, colicky baby, colicWhen your baby has colic, you may feel like you are all alone in the world. It’s hard enough to be at home, getting the hang of this “mothering” thing, and trying to feel like a normal person. But when you’re up all night, with your baby’s relentless screaming, it’s not fun. No matter how many kids you may have previously had, if your baby has colic, you feel nothing but inadequacy. (At least this was true for me.) All you want to do is help your child, you want to know why they are screaming, and what you can do. And it’s lonely to have these Continue reading

Could Probiotics Help Colicky Newborns?

fennel, homepathy, fennel to soothe stomach cramps, probiotics, colic, probiotics to help babies

Fennel flowers.

I was reading an article on how the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston may have discovered that an inflamed gut could be one of the causes of colic. The article states that “. . . the study pointed to an organism called Klebsiella, a normally occurring bacterium that can be found in the mouth, skin and intestines. In the study of 36 babies, half of which had colic, researchers found the bacterium and gut inflammation in the intestines of the babies with colic.” Continue reading

Gripe Waters–Do They Work?

gripe waters, facts on gripe water, colic calm, homepathy for colicI just received my new issue of Parents Magazine (June 2010) and immediately turned to the article on colic, entitled The Colic Chronicles. In it, the author, Karen Springen, states that “gripe waters” (and specifically mentions Colic Calm) along with other home remedies of white noise, sounds of the heartbeat, and anti-gas drops seem to work on babies with colic, but there is no scientific evidence to back it up. This is where Springen is wrong.

Continue reading

Colicky Babies and Depressed Moms–Studies Show that the Two are Linked

depressed mom, colicky baby and depression, photos of depressed mom, colic calmOkay, I saw this article and started laughing. Anyone who has had the joy (sarcasm intended) of having a colicky baby knows that it comes as no surprise that it can cause depression in moms. If your baby has colic, it is HARD. And no one, unless they have experienced it themselves, can understand exactly how difficult it is. I remember just pacing the house, holding my newborn daughter has she cried and cried, and asking her, “What do you need? What can I do?” Most of the time, I ended up crying as well. I look back and feel lucky that it was my second child–I really would’ve lost Continue reading

Administering Prevacid and Zantac to Newborns

zantac, infant reflux, acid reflux, administering zantac to babies, colic calmEarlier today, I was on a community forum when I ended up on a discussion about infant reflux. I guess I’ve been living in a cave because I had no idea that newborns were being prescribed Zantac and Prevacid to help control their reflux. These poor parents were so conflicted–they didn’t want to give their child a medication that has not been tested on newborns, but yet, they didn’t want to see them suffer. If you look to see what Prevacid’s dosage recommendations are, Continue reading