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One Mom’s Story: Falicia and Daughters Morgan and Haley

1361824750648When we become parents for the first time, we find ourselves in a world of joy, love and self-doubt. As mothers, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can for our children, and we do. But if our newborn baby cries and cries, and there’s nothing we can do soothe him, the self-doubt creeps in. “What am I doing wrong?” “What am I NOT doing?” are constant questions that float across our minds.

When Falicia’s first child, Morgan, was born, she experienced Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Catherine and Baby Jacob


Catherine thought she knew what she was in for when bringing her newborn home. Jacob was Catherine’s second baby, so she had prepared herself for the endless feeding sessions and the mountains of diapers that would need changing.  She was also ready for the snuggling and love that a newborn brings. However, she was not prepared for Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Colleen and Baby Augusta

Augusta Marie - Colic CalmColleen and her husband shared pure bliss when they brought their first child, a daughter named Augusta Marie, home from the hospital. Life was good, the baby was perfect and they journeyed on to this new stage of life called Parenthood. However, about five weeks into it, something happened. Augusta cried . . . and didn’t stop. In her own words, this is Colleen’s story.

“As brand new parents, my husband and I gladly accepted advice from many different sources regarding how to best care for our newborn. Being a first time parent to an infant is an incredibly Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Megan and Baby Greyson

704181_10151180436285897_244658523_oI contacted Megan, who runs the blog, A Moment Like This, after reading her post on Facebook that Colic Calm worked like a charm for her baby, Greyson. Below, in her own words, is the story of Greyson and how Colic Calm helped soothe his cries.

Before I found Colic Calm, I researched all kinds of gripe water used for infants. I was surprised to find ingredients in them used for reflux that weren’t even recommended for babies or kids under five-years-old! I didn’t want to give my baby something that could potentially be harmful to him, but I wanted to have something Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Aimee and Baby Ryan

3weeks_1Having Baby #2 is a whole lot easier—you know what to expect with the delivery, you have a handle on nursing, and you don’t have to buy all the equipment. For Aimee, it also meant she knew the signs of reflux. Her eldest child, Katie, was diagnosed with reflux, but as Aimee says, “My daughter had reflux as an infant and was put on Zantac. It did work, but I hated giving such a little baby prescription medication everyday.” So when Ryan, her second child, would cry and showed signs of distress, she knew that, once again, it could be a result of reflux.

Katie describes those times. . . Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Robyn and Baby Blythe

love giraffe jLike many women in today’s world, Robyn waited before becoming pregnant for the first time and looked into her future with excitement as she took this next step in life. Robyn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and named her Blythe. The first few weeks were peaceful, but then, the crying started. Robyn says, “. . . our days and nights were so very stressful and our poor little Blythe seemed so unhappy. She would scream and cry starting mid afternoon for long periods and was almost impossible to get to go to sleep at night.”

For those of you who have experienced colic, you’ll Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Markeitha and Baby Cyniah

702731_3888278213373_686121031_nMarkeitha was no stranger to the crying of a newborn. When she gave birth to Cyniah, it was her fifth child, so calling Markeitha a veteran of new babies is no exaggeration. However, Cyniah made her realize that she did have more to learn—the poor baby would cry and cry, and Markeitha could do nothing to console her. Markeitha says, “She [Cyniah] screamed bloody murder for hours at a time. Everyone in the home would be frustrated. My older children (ages 10, 6, 4 and 2) would Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Kristina and Baby David

“Life was chaos.” That’s how poor Kristina describes the first two weeks of her son, David’s, life. David was crying—crying a lot. Kristina and her husband felt terrible, because they could see from David’s distress that he was uncomfortable, but they couldn’t figure out how to make him feel better. “He would cry after every feeding, arch is back and there were plenty of times he’d throw up after feeding. It was miserable for him and for us. We could tell he was uncomfortable. He hardly ever burped, so we knew Continue reading

One Mom’s Story: Brandie and her boys, Rusten and Kadin

When Brandie’s first son, Rusten was born, the crying didn’t stop. Brandie knew that crying was normal for a newborn, but she also knew that Rusten seemed to be doing it too much. She says, “Rusten had colic and was a crying mess from late afternoon till bedtime which was about 9pm-10pm.” The whole thing was, as Brandi described, “a stressful event.” A baby who cries non-stop every afternoon of every day? Stressful is putting it mildly.

Brandie asked her pediatrician about it, and he Continue reading

Is it Reflux? Or Normal Spit-Up?

Newborns spit up and cry—this is very normal behavior for these tiny beings that have just entered the world.  So normal that 70% of infants spit up on a daily basis and an average infant 1-3 months old can cry up to 3.75 hours per day cry—any new mom knows that this is true. Even though spitting up and crying is considered normal, care givers tend to think their child has GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), and more and more infants are being prescribed reflux medications by their pediatricians, without the proper diagnostic testing.

Why isn’t the testing done? It can be Continue reading