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Life is a whole lot easier with Colic Calm

April-SalsmanToo many of us can relate to this scenario. You are a veteran mommy who experienced a peaceful arrival of your first baby. You have that delectable and blissful time raising your firstborn. Then you find out that you are blessed with another arrival! You bring your new bundle of joy home. Everything is going beautifully until you get an inkling that there might be some bumpy roads ahead this time around. Something very different is brewing.

This is exactly what April Salsman experienced with her second baby, David. It all started at two weeks after birth when she decided to transition baby David to formula. He was definitely showing clear signs of digestive distress. He started to get extremely fussy and gassy a lot of the time. Many Colic Calm mommies, daddies, and families can definitely relate to that feeling of helplessness when a little ones in obvious pain. It can become quite an ordeal…even more so if raising more than one child.

April, being a determined mommy, went on a mission to find her answer. She tried many gripe waters in the market with absolutely no success. David continued to cry incessantly during the night, and was unable to be soothed without a great deal of comforting movement and holding. She even used an exercise ball which she fondly called her “Colic Ball” to create the repetitive motion that would temporarily soothe baby David. April knew this was just a temporary solution as she too needed to sleep at night, so she was even more driven to find her answer. Even with her creative efforts, she dreaded the evening ritual. Many parents find that evenings, aka the “witching hours”, are the most challenging time of the day for babies with similar issues.

Then one day at Babies “R” Us, she came across Colic Calm. She appreciated that the product is homeopathic and reasonably priced. She knew she had nothing to lose, as her pediatrician had suggested moving David on to other pharmaceutical options at that point. April, being “natural-minded” and a true believer of homeopathic medicine, was apprehensive about using pharmaceutical drugs at such a young, delicate age. After diligent research she knew she had to give this a try. She knew she made a smart choice.

“Life is a whole lot easier with Colic Calm”, says April.

It changed the quality of their lives, and it’s so good that she is sharing it with her all her mommy friends in her MOP groups. She’s a fan for life!

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