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“I knew when it was ‘Colic Calm time'”


At the time Lara Burdge gave birth to her first daughter, Gabrielle, she was a 22-year-old single mom. Excited to be a mother, but unsure of what to expect, the first few weeks went really smoothly. At just 3 weeks old she was sleeping from 10 o’clock at night until 5:30 a.m. What more could a mother ask for so early on! That wonderful beginning did not last long, though. Though rather unusual, her colic set in around three months of age, the time when colic typically ends for most babies. She was still sleeping well at night but would wake and start crying suddenly for several hours every day. Until Colic Calm came to the rescue, that is.

Working early hours and experiencing little to no hours of respite with her infant daughter during the day, Lara was physically and emotionally exhausted. One night the fatigue hit her too hard, the colic cry set in, and she knew she needed help. Lara recounted,

Between the exhaustion, my crying daughter, and my dogs barking I felt extremely overwhelmed and knew I had reached a point where I needed someone to come to the house to help stop the stress. I put my daughter in her crib and went outside to call my mom to come home. She arrived within 20 minutes and just knowing someone was on their way helped me feel less stressed. I was able to sit with my daughter and rock her, still crying, until my mother arrived and she suggested it was time to do something about all the crying. We sat for the next few hours researching online and found tons of information about colic and different ways to help relieve the my baby. Somewhere during that search she came across a Colic Calm advertisement and we read up on the website. My mother is a strong believer in homeopathic medicine and ordered me a bottle. It arrived within days and we immediately tried it. My duaghter went from a red-faced, screaming, nothing-you-could-do-to-help cry; to a calm, relieved, soundly sleeping baby. Our lives from that point on improved 100% because I now had something that helped both me and my daughter. Whenever she cried in pain, I was able to give her a dose of Colic Calm and she felt better.”

Lara gave Colic Calm to Gabrielle whenever she showed symptoms of not being able to calm herself. The baby had a pattern that Lara could recognize. “I knew when it was ‘Colic Calm time’”.

Throughout her own childhood, Lara’s mother would always try to treat any ailments with homeopathic products before seeing the doctor. “I prefer homeopathic products over medications but still usually discuss the issues with a doctor. In all honesty, I like to use what works. And Colic Calm works,” Lara said.

When Lara gave birth to her second daughter Isabelle six years later, she started to give her Colic Calm at just two weeks, when she noticed tummy upset symptoms like gas and reflux. She gives Isabelle Colic Calm before her bedtime feeding and during the day if she is fussy.

I expected Isabelle to be a great sleeper like her older sister. I learned quickly that all children are different! She likes to sleep during the day and is up about every 45 minutes with either gas or because she’s hungry. She is a fast eater and takes in a lot of air when breastfeeding. I didn’t know about infant “wind” which is the air babies fill their bellies with when eating. I learned this prevents them from filling up on food and therefore wake up more frequently hungry. Because Colic Calm works so well when I give it to her during the day she can relax and likes to sleep a lot! She did not need Colic Calm yesterday until around 8:30pm. I gave her a dose before she fed and she slept for 4 ½ uninterrupted hours and then woke with a dirty diaper. The best thing about Colic Calm compared to other “gripe waters” is that as baby’s gas and other symptoms are being relieved, it is not painful to them. Both daughters have experienced stomach pain from gripe water that was designed to relieve stomach pain.”

Lara now gives a bottle of Colic Calm to anyone she knows who is having a baby.

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