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Melinda Peterson-Ortiz and Baby Madeline


Melinda Peterson-Ortiz one-month-old daughter Madeline would scream so much it seemed as if something was hurting her. She cried all day, and was not able to sit for more than a minute. Almost nothing would calm her.

“I was getting very stressed, which led me to having little to no patience with my almost two-year-old older daughter, and husband,” Melinda said. “I was too embarrassed to go outside the house with her always crying, which kept us in the house and just made everyone miserable since our lifestyle before was always out and about.”

When she asked her daughter’s pediatrician, he said it was just something she would have to deal with.

“There was no way I was going to sit around waiting for Madeline to grow out of it when it sounded like she was in pain,” Melinda said.

A close friend saw how Melinda and her family were struggling, and suggested she try Colic Calm.

“When I found Colic Calm, I felt like I had exhausted all other avenues. I thought that if it didn’t help, it wouldn’t be something that would hurt my baby, so I was willing to give it a try. I remember the first night giving it to her…I was a little hesitant but after hours of crying I decided to try. There was instant relief in Madeline.”


“It’s been a month since I have been giving Madeline Colic Calm, and not only is she a happier baby but our whole family is. Now that Madeline doesn’t cry as much I’m okay to leave the house, and I’m a better mom and wife from it. Her crying less allows me to give equal attention to my older daughter, and do other things around the house,” she added.

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