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Leave It To A Mother To Help Another Mother


When Kaci Vowell’s newborn son Jakson Sky was just one month old, she noticed he started having ongoing digestive upset after returning home from a stay in the NICU. She thought his tummy troubles were being caused by the formula he was on, so she switched brands but didn’t see a change.

“After researching and talking to a few people, I figured out it was gas pain, so I was advised by a nurse practitioner to try gripe water and gas drops”, Kaci said. “Neither worked very much but they seemed to help a little so I tried them for about a week. It never seemed to really get better, so I became very frustrated that I could not do anything for my son, especially at night when he would wake up crying. I could just tell it was from pain so I started crying too. I felt so lost.”

Until grandma came to the rescue.

“My mom sent me a text message one day with a link to Tummy Calm. I checked it out just to see what it was about and after reading other people’s experiences, I decided it was worth a shot. After 24 hours, I could already see a difference!”

Kaci had tried everything else that had been recommended and felt out of options. Though she had never tried homeopathic products before, she was hopeful Tummy Calm would help her son. “It did, thank God.”

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