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Ashley and Baby Abigail


When Ashley Russell’s first-born daughter Abigail was just about four weeks old, she began experiencing a lot of gas issues. Since Ashley was taking medication for postpartum complications, and she was breastfeeding, there were multiple factors causing her newborn’s digestive upset.

“She was not the happy little girl she had been, and I could tell she was in pain,” Ashley said. “I was using infant gas drops but she was not getting any relief. She was unable to sleep and was extremely fussy. I called her doctor’s office to see if there was anything further I could do for her and they recommended Colic Calm and also the use of a probiotic.”

Though Ashley had used homeopathic remedies for herself before, she had not used them with her daughter. After giving Abigail her first dose of Colic Calm she noticed a marked improvement within about 30 minutes. “She seemed to loved the taste and was finally able to calm down enough to sleep. She had been awake from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m,” she added.

Ashley was surprised but pleased after the first dose of Colic Calm, Abigail slept the best she ever had in her few short weeks.

“Since using the product and having such great results I have been letting all my friends with children know how awesome this product really is. She is five weeks now and still using Colic Calm. We give it to her before a feeding and again before bedtime. We plan to keep it on hand.”

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