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Nina and Baby Nathan

Baby NathanWhen Nina Scott welcomed her fifth child into her family, she and her husband were faced with something they had never experienced with any of their other babies. Their son, Nathan Scott, was a “fussy baby” from the moment he was brought home from the hospital. It was about a week after bringing him home that Nina realized just how different her fifth baby was. Nathan would cry on end for 18-plus hours every single day. He wasn’t sleeping, and neither was anyone else in the family.

“As a mother of five children, I’ve never in my life heard a baby cry so long. It’s been hard at times to enjoy our little one and that’s heartbreaking for me, his mommy, to say,” said Nina.

Nathan’s pediatrician couldn’t provide much help. He just confirmed what they had suspected. Nathan had colic. The doctor said he would eventually grow out of it. But until that time came, what to do?

“The word ‘eventually’ resonated with me. We couldn’t wait for eventually. The crying was getting worse. It soon became shrill screaming. I could tell it wasn’t just gas or stomach pain because he wasn’t tightening his stomach or tensing in his legs. The medicine he had was not providing relief,” Nina said.

“After about four weeks of this situation, everyone at my church came to know about his colic. A friend put me in touch with her friend on Facebook, who said Colic Calm had been her miracle.”

After reading the recommendation, and trying just about everything else to soothe their new baby, Nina’s husband ran out to buy their first bottle.

“He was four weeks old, so we were reluctant but desperate for our baby to get relief,” she said.

Initially Nathan was getting Colic Calm every day and night, but because it stimulates the body’s self-healing properties, he now only needs it at night after three weeks of use, Nina reports.

“We just needed him to have relief and Colic Calm has helped provide it. Thank you for your amazing product!”

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