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Tricia and Jemma

Tricia 1

Two weeks after first-time mom Tricia Laboeuf brought home her daughter Jemma, a new reality set in. Of course the newly expanded family would have to adjust to feeding, diapering, swaddling, and cuddling, but they didn’t expect to endure 10 weeks of seemingly endless crying. At first, they were unsure what was wrong; maybe she was hungry, wet, or uncomfortable in some way? As the days progressed her crying increased more and more. Jemma had colic.

During those first couple of months, Tricia’s police officer husband was working odd hours, sometimes first, second or even third shift. Tricia was left to care for Baby Jemma by herself. All day. Her crying would start bright and early around 8 a.m., with a brief pause during a morning nap, and then it was back to pacing the floors. Doing the dishes, mopping the floors, laundry – all Tricia’s house chores were done with Jemma in her arms (or a carrier) bouncing away.

Jemma’s crying would persist for hours at a time–up to 6 or 7 sometimes. Alone and exhausted, Tricia would watch the clock waiting for her husband to return just to pass her back and forth for the remainder of the night. The days he had to work late usually resulted in the both of them crying together.

After several attempts at finding a solution to end her baby’s discomfort including peppermint tea, Mylicon gas drops, various tummy remedies, lavender and more, they finally found what they affectionately call, their bottle of GOLD.

When given directly before each feeding, Colic Calm created a magical baby who, instead of crying, laughed, played and giggled like a happy content child.  It took about five to seven days to fully take affect, but according to Tricia was worth the wait. Today the colic-surviving mama swears by Colic Calm and recommends it to any friends who are suffering like they did.

Flash forward to today, three years after life with colic. Tricia and her husband are expecting baby number two in March, and plan to use Colic Calm again if needed. (WE HOPE NOT!!)

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