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Sleep Tips by Kim West

sleep deprivation and colic

World renowned sleep coach Kim West who is also known as The Sleep Lady® by her clients and has appeared on multiple networks such as Dr. Phil, the Today Show, and Good Morning America has written a great article entitled “How to Get Sleep When Dealing With Colic“.

In the article she discusses the reality of being a new parent and losing sleep especially with a baby who has colic. She goes onto discuss a few things parents need to be aware of that will help them get through the first few months with their new baby, along with helpful sleep tips, how to create a sleep plan, and extreme cases of sleep deprivation that can lead to Postpartum Depression (PPD). She has even included a survey to help you determine if your sleep deprived.

If you’re a new parent and are struggling with the lack of sleep you’re getting take Kim’s advice and follow her helpful sleep tips.

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