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Autumn and her mom Dani

Rachel and Dani

Autumn is the 2nd of 3 children to Dani Sellers and has suffered from colic and reflux from the time she was about a month old.  Dani was researching treatments for her little one and was uncomfortable with the lack of scientific data to back up the effectiveness or safety of prescription reflux medications for infants and children.  She started searching for an alternative way to treat Autumn’s symptoms that posed less risk and that is when she discovered Colic Calm.

“We knew right away that Autumn had colic and reflux”, Dani told us.  “She would cry and spit-up all the time and it was very difficult to soothe her.  I had to change her bibs and clothes non-stop and always carried extra whenever we left the house.”  Dani said, “We noticed an immediate reduction in her crying and spitting up as soon as we began using Colic Calm.  It was AMAZING and a lifesaver!”

Dani told us, “Once we had to travel to see family and were worried about being able to bring it on the plane so we shipped it to their house ahead of time.  When it had not shown up by the time we arrived, Autumn was miserable.  I found a holistic store and bought a different type of gripe water and it did not do a thing to help. When the Colic Calm finally arrived a couple days before we left it had an almost immediate effect on her.  Although I already believed in the product, that day just solidified my confidence and love for Colic Calm.”

“Because of Colic Calm, Dani told us, I was able to enjoy my daughter in ways that I was struggling with prior to using it.  I have been an advocate ever since and have given out the website address more times than I can count.  I will stand by this product until the end of time.”

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