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Victoria and Baby Louella


Victoria was looking forward to becoming a 2nd time mom.  She already had a son Rhett and couldn’t wait to welcome her daughter Louella.  When they brought Louella home she began showing signs of having Colic.  Victoria tells us, “Before Colic Calm we were up all night . Louella would cry for hours with no amount of consoling that did any good. Since I am breastfeeding her, I tried removing things such as dairy from my diet to no avail.”  We asked Victoria how she found out about Colic Calm and she told us, “Louella was diagnosed with colic at her one month checkup. I do not like to use prescription medications, if at all possible, so I declined a prescription from her pediatrician, with the understanding that I would do research to try to find a more natural solution, and we had already tried other gripe waters that just contained fennel and ginger extracts. Amidst my research I had seen rave reviews and decided to give it a try.”  Victoria told us that Colic Calm seems to work best when she gives it to Louella after she feeds her which is every 3 hours. “With the first dose of Colic Calm, she immediately turned into a different baby. She was much more peaceful and slept without making the grimacing, painful faces.”   Victoria tells us they are still using Colic Calm now that Louella is older only in the evenings when she is showing signs of Colic.


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