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Janelle and Nolan

Janelle, Kaylee and NolanJanelle’s 2nd baby, Nolan was always a good sleeper until he was about 4-5 months old. “Nolan suddenly began waking up several times a night gassy and uncomfortable.” Janelle told us. She said she tried other gas drops and gripe water and nothing seemed to help. “I searched online for other parents advice and found information on Tummy Calm so I went to the store and bought it to use that night.”
“Nolan is breastfed but allergic to milk so I have been on a very restricted diet since he was 4 days old.” Janelle told us. She said she was about to give up breastfeeding when she found Tummy Calm. “I gave him a ½ of a dose that first night and he slept for 8 glorious hours. He was much happier and so was I!” Janelle told us she has been using Tummy Calm ever since and Nolan’s sleep is much more peaceful, with far fewer wake-ups.
We asked Janelle how she would use Tummy Calm and she told us, “I give it to Nolan in the middle of his last feeding of the day. This seems to help him settle and get comfortable for sleeping. I wish we had known about Tummy Calm for our daughter when she was a baby. We will definitely recommend Tummy Calm to anyone with a gassy baby!”

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