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Twins Leah & Chaya, Their Big Sister and Mom Deborah

Baby Leah and ChayaLeah and Chaya Gold

Preparing for one new baby can be very exciting but preparing for two takes it to a whole new level!  Deborah however was not prepared for the digestive discomforts of Leah and Chaya, her twin baby girls.  They had all the symptoms of colic and gas…their legs would go up to their chest and they would cry and scream.   Deborah tells us, “We were living on 2 hours of sleep and trying everything from baby swings to carriers to running around the block with the jogging stroller until we wanted to pass out!”  Deborah’s friend heard about Colic Calm on the internet and emailed her about it right away.  “I think she saved my life with that email!” Deborah tells us.

It turns out that Leah and Chaya both have reflux and many allergies including dairy, soy and all dyes and fragrances.  Deborah said, “I had to cut out soy and dairy from my diet because I was breastfeeding”, She also said that the twins are unable to take any over the counter medications with dye in them or they will break out in horrible rashes all over their bodies.  “We really need to be label readers and stick to all natural, organic, homeopathic medications whenever we can.”, Deborah tells us.

“We would give both girls a dose of Colic Calm after each feeding to help ease the reflux and also a dose before bedtime.” Deborah said.  “This stuff was a game changer for these babies!”  Leah and Chaya are now 6 years old and still use Colic Calm when they are having digestive trouble.  “I give bottles of Colic Calm as gifts to new and expectant moms.” Deborah tell us. “I explain how great it works and show them the website so they can learn more.”    She said, “We just found out about Tummy Calm and can’t wait to give it a try.”

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