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Nolan and His Mom Brandi

Brandi and Nolan

First time mom Brandi had been warned by her friends that her newborn son, Nolan may experience gas pains.  “Nolan had gas from the beginning, she told us, but it didn’t become painful for him until he hit 4 weeks and we were not prepared for what came next. “  “Those first few days were miserable for the little guy, Brandi told us.  He was constantly tense and could not seem to get comfortable.  He would only sleep if I was holding him.”

When Nolan first started having gas, Brandi’s friends suggested  Simethicone drops.   She researched the product and found it was full of artificial colors and flavors.  “My husband is a chef and we try to eat as healthy, organic foods as much as possible, Brandi said.  If I can’t make it from scratch, we generally do not eat it.”  She told us, “While my friends swore by the Simethicone drops, I set out to find a better way and that is how I found Tummy Calm.”  “I liked the fact that it was all natural and could be given at any time, not just with meals,  she said.  “Tummy Calm works on gas throughout the digestive track, not just in the stomach like the other products.  Nolan’s gas was mainly in his intestines, so a product that only works on gas in the stomach would not help him at all.”

Brandi picked up some Tummy Calm on her way home from Nolan’s one month check-up where his pediatrician completely supported her decision to use it.  “I gave him his first dose right before he nursed, she told us.  At the beginning of the feeding he was tense and squealing in pain but within minutes of taking the Tummy Calm her relaxed and stretched his legs out for the first time in days.”

In the beginning Brandi was giving Nolan a dose every 4 hours.  “It worked like a charm, she said.   Now that he is older and his digestive tract is maturing,  we have moved to giving him a dose when he gets gas and right before bed as a preventative.”

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