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One Mom’s Story: Suzette and Baby Seth Figgins

Seth Figgins Second time mom Suzette, from South Africa, was thrilled to have her new baby, Seth Figgins.  “When we got him home he was such an angel”, she told us.  After about 4 weeks poor little Seth began having horrible tummy troubles, suffering with gas, upset tummy and colic.  After tying 6 different medications with no success, Suzette was unsure how to help her little one.  She tells us, “I felt so hopeless and did not know what to do anymore to help my baby.”  When he was 6 weeks old she turned to the internet where she posted a comment on a Facebook mommy group looking for advice. Someone recommended she do some research on Colic Calm.  “We are so thankful we discovered Colic Calm”, Suzette tells us. “Seth Figgins’ hands used to be so tight in a fist and after one dose of Colic Calm his hands were open and he was so relaxed!”  She explained to us how Colic Calm seems to work best for her little one when she gives him a dose about 30 minutes after a feeding.  “We thank you so much for this product…We don’t know what we would have done without it!” Suzette exclaimed.  Seth Figgins is now 13 weeks old and still finding relief from Colic Calm.

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