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One Mom’s Story: Kayla and Her Daughter Riley

Baby Riley
When Kayla brought her precious newborn baby home, she didn’t realize how difficult the first few weeks were going to be. Her little girl, Riley, would scream for hours every night and they had no idea why. Kayla told us, “We finally realized it was dairy and soy in my diet that was contributing to Riley’s discomfort.” She said, “Even with a strict diet it is nearly impossible to avoid soy and dairy at all times.”
At 3 months old Riley was still suffering with digestive discomfort so Kayla sent her husband to CVS to purchase some gas drops and an infant probiotic to help. He was unable to find any probiotics that were soy and dairy free and that is when he came across Tummy Calm. He brought the Tummy Calm home, happy he had found something all natural for his little girl. Kayla told us, “I was a little leery at first having tried other “all natural” gas drops and gripe waters with no relief for my baby.” “We hate giving her anything because we worry about side effects.”
Kayla was thrilled to finally find something that worked. “We began using Tummy Calm for Riley’s food sensitivities and have found that it also works great for her teething and other gas pains.” She told us, “We give it to her anytime she feels discomfort and we also give it to her before long car rides to help as a preventative.”  “Tummy Calm has been a lifesaver for us!”  Kayla tells us that Riley is now 4 ½ months old and they are still using Tummy Calm regularly now that her teeth are coming in.

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