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One Mom’s Story: Catherine and Baby Jacob


Catherine thought she knew what she was in for when bringing her newborn home. Jacob was Catherine’s second baby, so she had prepared herself for the endless feeding sessions and the mountains of diapers that would need changing.  She was also ready for the snuggling and love that a newborn brings. However, she was not prepared for the non-stop crying. Poor little Jacob cried and cried and cried. When looking back at that time, Catherine says, “He was having horrible gas and tummy issues, even for an exclusively breastfed baby.  He also seemed to be swallowing a lot of air.” After an entire week of Jacob crying for four hours at a time, non-stop, Catherine reached out to friends for help.

A friend in her natural mom’s group suggested Colic Calm.  After viewing a video on-line, with a colicky baby finding instant relief when taking Colic Calm¸ Catherine decided it was worth a try. She told us, “I work with homeopathic medications and herbs and the ingredients in Colic Calm make sense.”  She said, “I picked-up a bottle the next day and tried it that night and VIOLA! He slept.”

And Colic Calm kept working. Catherine would administer Colic Calm before feedings and says that Jacob no longer is, “. . . crying for hours and it has helped his little belly!” At interview time, Jacob was ten weeks old, and Catherine planned to keep giving Jacob Colic Calm until he was done teething.

“Colic Calm is a must have for moms” Catherine said.  “It is one of the gifts I now always give for a baby shower.”

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

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