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One Mom’s Story: Robyn and Baby Blythe

love giraffe jLike many women in today’s world, Robyn waited before becoming pregnant for the first time and looked into her future with excitement as she took this next step in life. Robyn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and named her Blythe. The first few weeks were peaceful, but then, the crying started. Robyn says, “. . . our days and nights were so very stressful and our poor little Blythe seemed so unhappy. She would scream and cry starting mid afternoon for long periods and was almost impossible to get to go to sleep at night.”

For those of you who have experienced colic, you’ll remember those nights—pacing back and forth, bouncing your baby up and down, making shushing sounds until you think you can’t “shush” any longer . . . that was what Robyn was going through, but was having a difficult time trying to figure out WHAT was making Bythe so uncomfortable. “I didn’t think that my exclusively breast fed infant was suffering from colic but everything I read and everyone I talked to told me it sounded just like colic.”

Robyn was a member of a Facebook page for new moms—a forum where they share their stories and solutions. She started describing Blythe’s behavior and another member told her to give Colic Calm a try. Robyn learned a bit more about it, and because Blythe also showed signs of reflux, thought it would be a great way to help out with both.

However, before she ordered Colic Calm, Robyn decided to try another brand of Gripe Water. Robyn says, “. . . after trying a different type of gripe water for about two weeks with only some relief I decided to order Colic Calm and started using it when she was five weeks old. I have to admit when I first gave it to her it was a bit odd since its black but I tasted it myself and it’s very good–she loves the taste of it.”

And most importantly, it worked. Robyn would administer Colic Calm to Blythe before her feedings and then again after. If Blythe still fussed and showed discomfort Robyn would give her another half dose and then a whole dose at bed time. She also administers it throughout the day in half doses if she had periods of fussiness and discomfort. At interview time, Blythe was going on 12 weeks. Robyn would still use Colic Calm, however not as often as she had before. She now only gives her about one or two half doses in a day and a full dose at night.

In closing, Robyn had this to say, “From the first dose of Colic Calm she was a whole new baby, she was happy and playful and would nap during the day and sleep peaceful for longer periods at night. I have recommended this to four other of my friends–all of which have had success.”

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

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