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One Mom’s Story: Markeitha and Baby Cyniah

702731_3888278213373_686121031_nMarkeitha was no stranger to the crying of a newborn. When she gave birth to Cyniah, it was her fifth child, so calling Markeitha a veteran of new babies is no exaggeration. However, Cyniah made her realize that she did have more to learn—the poor baby would cry and cry, and Markeitha could do nothing to console her. Markeitha says, “She [Cyniah] screamed bloody murder for hours at a time. Everyone in the home would be frustrated. My older children (ages 10, 6, 4 and 2) would normally be in bed but many nights they would hear her screaming and wake up.”

As parents, we all know how difficult it can be getting your children to sleep, so to have four wake up as your fifth won’t stop screaming, it’s easy to imagine the frustration that Markeitha was feeling. She says, “Although Cyniah was my fifth child and she was primarily breastfed, she still had a problem digesting her food at night. We would be up all night and she would scream uncontrollably.” Markeitha took Cyniah to her pediatrician, who diagnosed the crying as a result of reflux and prescribed Prevacid. But, Markeitha states, “I felt that the medication made her reflux worse.” She also tried other brands of Gripe Water, but nothing seemed to help. So one night, Markeitha found herself on Facebook, complaining about Cyniah’s trouble sleeping. A friend responded to the comment, suggesting Colic Calm. Markeitha bought some, gave Cyniah a dose and it worked!

Cyniah was about two months old at the time, and Markeitha would administer Colic Calm, “before bed and after her nightly feeding.” At interview time, Cyniah was a year old, but would still receive Colic Calm about twice a month. Markeitha ends her interview with, “We tried Prevacid, and Gripe Water. None of which seemed to work, the only thing that worked is Colic Calm.”

We’re so happy Colic Calm provided your family with a good night’s sleep, Markeitha!

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