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One Mom’s Story: Elizabeth and Baby Madelyn

Madelyn at 11 months with her “best girl”, Minnie Mouse

Being a new mom is difficult, but imagine how much more difficult it would be if your husband was gone. Such was this case for Elizabeth. Originally from Wisconsin, and living in Mississippi, Elizabeth was seven months pregnant when her husband, Chris, was deployed. They kept in touch through Skype, and Chris was able to watch his child’s birth (a girl, which they named Madelyn Grace) through Skype. Though Skype was great, Elizabeth was still without help. As she says, “I was basically alone for the first 5.5 months. Though Madelyn never cried all day, a few hours here or there or nights where I couldn’t get her to sleep; the fact that it was just me and I didn’t have any help—I couldn’t even call my husband sometimes—those times were pretty rough.”

As those first few months progressed, Elizabeth, Madelyn, and Dad would visit on Skype. One evening, however, Madelyn wouldn’t stop crying. She cried and cried and Elizabeth could do nothing to help her. Chris could see what was going on, and when they “hung up”, he did some research online, discovered Colic Calm, and immediately had three bottles shipped to Elizabeth.

Madelyn didn’t show signs of colic, but she did seem to be a little refluxy. However, Madelyn wasn’t prescribed anything because as Elizabeth says, “I don’t like to give her medicine that can damage her liver. Giving her Tylenol after shots is bad enough, and that is only for pain in her legs.” So Elizabeth gave Colic Calm a try and it worked. From that point on she’d also, “. . . use it when she [Madelyn] couldn’t fart or had the hiccups. It works for everything.”

Elizabeth would only administer Colic Calm when nothing else seemed to soothe Madelyn, as she says, “She is an insanely happy and advanced baby, and doesn’t usually cry without a reason.”  When Madelyn was young (she was eleven months old at interview time) Elizabeth would get the Colic Calm out to see if it was what Madelyn needed—she could tell just by watching Madelyn’s reaction to the bottle.

“If it was what Madelyn wanted, she would stop crying and start wiggling and dancing around. When I filled the plunger and put it in her mouth, she would turn her head so forcefully that it was hard to keep it in there. She would suck it down as hard as she could and eventually she would hold the plunger herself and make it even harder for me to give it to her because she was so excited. It worked instantly. No more crying and she’d go to sleep or back to playing or whatever the case was.”

However, if Madelyn didn’t want the Colic Calm (say for example, she just needed her diaper changed), Elizabeth would get out the bottle and Madelyn would refuse to open her mouth. “Today, if I try to give it to her and she doesn’t want it (need it) she will fight tooth and nail to not get it, turning her head this way and that while pushing me away and pinching her mouth closed.”

Elizabeth goes on to tell a story about how Madelyn wouldn’t settle, but didn’t think it was something that Colic Calm could help. However, she got out the bottle and, thinking Madelyn would fight her, but instead she took it. “She ended up having a great big poop that I wrote about on the Colic Calm Facebook page. She knows what works and won’t take it if it’s not what she needs.” Thank you Colic Calm!

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

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