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One Mom’s Story: Alesha and Baby Zaydin

Alesha was no stranger to the maternity ward—she had just had her third boy, Zaydin, but things weren’t going very smoothly. First, he was born early and had to spend time in the NICU, and secondly, he had terrible reflux and would spit up everything that he ate. Alesha shares the trials of trying to help Zaydin, and what finally worked to make him happy again. This is her story.

From Alesha:

Zaydin was born about a month early–I had gotten the stomach flu which put me into early labor. After Zaydin was born, he was in the NICU for about three days and was fed Enfamil newborn formula, which he would spit up all the time. Zaydin couldn’t eat in a normal feeding position, he had to be held in a way where he would want to eat, which meant cupping my hand under his chin to help him drink. But once I would burp him, it would all come back up.

Zaydin was then put on an IV because his sugar was low, but he got better on his last day of being in the NICU. So they sent him up with me (where I was recovering in the maternity ward), and he would still spit up but it wasn’t too bad. So by the next day, we went home but Zaydin ended up spitting up all over again. I got about three hours of sleep!

We then had to take Zaydin to see his doctor because he had jaundice—while we were there we told her about his spitting up. The doctor recommended he be put on Zantac and soy formula. Zaydin took about a week to get used to the formula–he would fuss and cry. Each time I fed him he would kick up his legs and arch his back, even if we gave him Zantac! After another week, things got better and he seemed to be OK. But his stool was still off–it was runny and looked like boogers. So we ended up back at the doctor and she noticed his weight wasn’t right, so she put him on colic formula. That ended up making things worse. Even the Zantac wouldn’t help the poor kid. I would end up crying at times because there was nothing I could do.

We went back to see the doctor and a nurse came in and recommended Colic Calm. She told me it was the best thing she ever did, but she did mention that it was black and that made me uneasy to try it. So I looked up different formulas that were effective for spit-up and found Enfamil A.R.. So we tried that, and he would get better, but then spit up like crazy again. At this time, his Zantac was all gone and so were the gas drops, so I told my husband, “I think we’re going to try Colic Calm. It may be expensive, but if it helps it’s worth a shot.”

My husband went and got it, and I gave it to Zaydin as soon as he got home. Within five minutes he stopped fussing and was cooing and smiling–he was the happiest I had seen him be since the day he was born! I just wish I would have went out and got it sooner. All I wanted was for him is to catch a break from being in pain. Because of Colic Calm that happened and he now sleeps through most the night. He says, “Thank you Colic Calm!”

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