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One Mom’s Story: Lacey Jo and Baby Ezekiel

Lacey Jo likes doing things the natural way—she gave birth to her second child, Ezekiel, naturally and used a mid-wife for her pregnancy appointments, as well as for her delivery. So, when Ezekiel started showing signs of an upset tummy, Lacey Jo immediately begin to search for natural remedies. She states, “I didn’t want to use medications that doctors give, I wanted a natural approach.”

When Ezekiel was about two months old, it looked like he had both colic and reflux. When she discovered that Ezekiel may have the latter, Lacey Jo didn’t turn to meds, as she says, “He had not taken any thing else for this problem, I went straight for natural healing . . . I used a midwife for his birth and through out my pregnancy so I knew where I wanted to find help!!” She did some searching on the web and found Colic Calm. Lacey Jo asked her midwife about it and, “she gave me the go ahead to try it!”

Lacey Jo describes that period in their lives, “Ezekiel would just kick his legs and cry real tears . . . I would at first think he was still hungry, so of course I added to the madness by over feeding him. I tried warm towels or baths to calm him down, I even used a digestive vitamin that my midwife gave me, which helped a little bit but soon it was just a lost cause. Lucky for me, we were not up all night, but all day long it was nothing but trying to rock him or calm him. Needless to say, I didn’t get any house work done at all!!! Much like other mothers in my situation I had had enough and I went on the search . . . once I read that Colic Calm was safe to use—this combined with the literature I read and the info my midwife shared with me, I knew this was a great product to use and I ordered it right away!!!”

So, Lacey Jo used Colic Calm for helping Ezekiel’s colicky period, and his reflux, She says, “. . . a lot of the time you can’t tell exactly what your lil’ one is going through . . . I knew his tummy was upset and things were hurting him and that why I decided on the Colic Calm. It’s safe no matter which one he needed and helped both problems!!!”

When asked when she would administer Colic Calm to Ezekiel, Lacey Jo says, “I would give it to him whenever I felt he had tummy issues, sometimes it was before his feedings and sometime after he was finished eating. Other times were just fussy moments that I felt needed a little healing from Colic Calm. That’s what I truly love about this stuff, you didn’t have to worry you were giving him something that he didn’t need or that it was going to hurt him if you gave him too many doses in one day (of course with anything I still followed the dose directions or suggestions). Because of the natural ingredients and natural healing abilities I knew it was safe and worth giving to him!!! I didn’t have to give it to him very often–after just the first week he seemed to be feeling much better!!!”

At interview time, Ezekiel was 7 months old, and Lacey Jo was still using Colic Calm. “[Ezekiel] is teething and I just gave him a dose to soothe his tummy (didn’t really know if that would help or if he really needed tummy help) but it calmed him down within moments and he has been passed out ever since!!!! Another one for the books at Colic Calm!!!”

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

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