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One Mom’s Story: Desiree and Baby Caspian

First time mom, Desiree, was hit with colic right from the start–her son Caspian was colicky from birth. Desiree says, “I’d feel horrible because I’d try everything under the sun that was supposed to help colic–warm baths, white noise, swaying, rocking, expensive, fancy bottles, etc, but those things only made him feel better for a bit.” While she was still trying to find a remedy for Caspian’s colic, things got worse. When Caspian was one month old, his pediatrician diagnosed him with reflux and prescribed Zantac, which, as Desiree says, was “ineffective and [I] found that it also constipated him.”  So, as Desiree had new mom hormones coursing through her, she had a screaming baby who was refluxy and constipated. Not fun.

Desiree knew things had to change–no one was happy, especially little Caspian. Her next step? Desiree states, “I was browsing the internet looking everywhere for a natural, healthier alternative to common gas drops and Zantac. I stumbled across the Colic Calm website after I Googled natural colic and reflux medications.”

She ordered some and, thankfully, it worked. Desiree goes on to say, “Before I found Colic Calm my son would have me up five times a night. He’d scream, cry and have terrible gas and constipation all day long. It was chaotic . . .” Thankfully, Colic Calm did the trick and soothed baby Caspian.  She would administer, “Colic Calm 3-4 times a day, depending on his symptoms. I gave it to him at the sign of symptoms and I always gave it to him before bed to ensure a good nights rest for the both of us.”

And today? “My son is now 10 and 1/2 months old. I still give him Colic Calm if his tummy seems upset, if he has hiccups, or if he’s teething!”

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

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