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One Mom’s Story: Kimberly and Baby CJ

If you Google infant reflux (or GERD), you come across loads of discussion boards where mom’s are at their wit’s end trying to help their refluxy baby. Constantly spitting up, long periods of crying, having to sleep upright–reflux is no fun. Infant reflux medications can be prescribed, but often, due to the lack of testing (Zantac, for example, has only been tested on babies one month and older while Prevacid has been tested on those one year and older), mother’s are unsure if they should administer them to their children. This is where Kimberly, mother of CJ, found herself.

CJ not only had reflux, but he was colicky as well which meant Kimberly was being hit with a double whammy. She remembers it like this, “CJ was very fussy at night. Very gassy. He would not sleep, I had him in a car seat in his crib so he could sleep up right.” When CJ was two months old, Kimberly could take no more. Although he was on Zantac for the reflux, things weren’t getting better, especially his colic. So, she Googled “colic” and up popped Colic Calm. After reading that Colic Calm not only helps with colic, but infant reflux as well, Kimberly decided to give it a try. And did it work? You bet–Kimberly describes it as a “lifesaver.”

Kimberly would administer Colic Calm to CJ before bedtime. She says, “With Colic Calm he would sleep in longer periods.” He was also able to sleep on his back, in his crib. Best of all? Kimberly was able to take CJ off the Zantac. She says, “I absolutely LOVED Colic Calm. It was a life saver. And since then, even though my son is no longer taking it [he’s now three], I refer anyone I know with a newborn to Colic Calm. I swear by it.”

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! As a thank you, Colic Calm will send you one bottle when your story goes live.

2 Responses to One Mom’s Story: Kimberly and Baby CJ

  • Kelsey says:

    Hey my name is Kelsey and I have a one year old named Trevor. I wouldn’t have ever been able to get through his first year of life without the help of colic calm. I refer it to every mother that asks me about what I did about Trevor’s Colic/Acid Reflux. Trevor had a severe case of colic/acid reflux he was born 5 weeks premature due to preeclampsia and I was very ill after having an emergency c-section which saved both our lives. He was born with a blood glucose level of 1 when its suppose to be 40. I was in and out of the hospital due to blood pressure problems and almost seizing. After we finally returned home and we thought all was normal Trevor was not sleeping and crying all night me and my husband were up every night all night. After his first doctors appointment his doctor switched him to a new formula thinking it was upsetting his stomach. Trevor was 2 months old before they figured out he was colicky and had acid reflux. Nothing we did helped it had gotten to the point where me and my husband who works in the coal mines were up 24 hours of the day. Trevor never slept and when he ate he it all came right back up, so it was a constant feeding, rocking, changing clothes, and cleaning up vomit. After trying every gripe water and gas drop on the market my mother found Colic Calm in a CVS store. The very first time I used it we both got a whole nights sleep. It was a answered prayer. Trevor had colic and acid reflux until he was 5 months old but I would’ve never been able to handle it as well as i did without Colic Calm. So Thank You Colic Calm that is why I refer you to every mother with a colicky/acid reflux child.
    Lifetime User Kelsey

  • A. Smith says:

    My son is 3 weeks old. We realized he had severe gas problems within days of being born. In his first week his severe gas turned to colic & sleepless screaming nights. During his 3rd week of life we realized that reflux was also a problem. I tried gripe water that seemed to make him worse, then gas drops that helped about 50% for two days, finally I found Colic Calm & gave it a try & it worked instantly. The first night using it we all got 5 1/2 hours of sleep which was so needed. I am very thankful for the makers of this colic/reflux treatment & thankful that it is so safe. I don’t have to use it often which is great because even though it is natural I don’t like to do anything in excess. Colic Calm has truly been a great help & relief in our home!!

    Thank you, A. Smith

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