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A Parents’ Story: Kevin, Ashley and Baby Grayson

Baby Grayson. Photo taken by Zebra Giraffe Photography.

Kevin and his wife, Ashley, had been through colic before. So, 4 and half years later, when their second child, Grayson was born, they were prepared for what might come. And this time, Ashley wasn’t about to endure 16 weeks of sleeplessness. As a result, when Grayson was a mere week old, and showing signs of colic, Ashley jumped on the internet to see what new products had been developed since their first child, Kendall, had been born.

Ashley found herself on, a “mommies network community” and heard about Colic Calm. Willing to try anything, she sent Kevin to the store to find the miraculous product. Kevin came home not only with Colic Calm, but every single colic remedy that was on the shelf. As Kevin says, “Fortunately, Colic Calm was the first thing we tried. The others haven’t even been opened.”

That first week, as Kevin describes, “was brutal.” He goes on to say that, “Grayson had my wife up for large amounts of time throughout the night. My wife got maybe 2 stretches of sleep each night that were both about an hour and a half long. I can sleep through his crying so I’d help him in the daytime when he was upset/crying. Before Colic Calm, 3-6pm was generally a large block of time in which he was crying non-stop while I had him.”

After trying the Colic Calm, and having it work so well, Kevin says that they, “. . . started administering Colic Calm after he had fed and began crying. We’ve since moved to sometimes administering it before feeding depending on how bad his colic is on a given day.” And that has done the trick, so everyone in the household is getting a lot more sleep with a lot less tears. Something we can all be thankful for.

*Photo of Grayson taken by Zebra Giraffe Photography.

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