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Holiday Shopping with the Kiddos

holiday shopping with the kids, tips for holiday shopping, successful holiday shoppingI love, love, love the holidays, but ever since I’ve been a mom, I have to admit–the stress gets to be more and more. I’m sure that it’s only as the kids are little–as they get to be more self-sufficient the whole decorating, baking, holiday shopping and present wrapping gets to be much easier (and if I’m wrong, please don’t correct me). This year, I have a 5 year-old in pre-kindergarten, three hours a day and a two year-old. Finding the time to fit everything in before I have to pick up my son, and before/after my daughter’s nap is a bit difficult. And, when I push it, I, like most moms, will get a full-blown tantrum in return. Which I received earlier this week as I was in Border’s Books. In return for subjecting the other Border’s patrons a bit of high pitch screaming I either got looks of sympathy or looks of “can’t she control her child?!?” But I digress. . .

So, with all of this going on, I thought that this “E-How” amusing. . . How to Holiday Shop with the Kids. A veteran mom already knows most of what the author says, but it’s written in such a light-hearted, amusing way, the post should still be checked out. And if you believe what’s written, then my children and I deserve a big pat on the back since I accomplished number three a couple of days ago: “If you accomplish the first three items on your to-do list, then consider it a good day. If you are able to check off more than three items on the list while taking the munchkins along, then that is icing on the cake.”

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