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Is Colic “Normal?”

A recent Canadian study states that colic is normal–that not just babies, but every mammal, goes through it. However, pediatric chiropractor Dr. Chris Chlebowski, who specializes in colic, disagrees. He says, “Practitioners of natural medicine have long stated that what a mother eats, and therefore exposes her baby to, through her breast milk, is the most common cause of colic.” Chlebowski goes on to say that, “95% of colic symptoms are due to the types of food mothers are eating or the formula they are feeding their infants.”

So, essentially, what we’re being told is, “control your diet, and that will control the colic.” Gassy foods such as cabbage or broccoli, beans, etc, will cause colicky symptoms in your baby. Eradicate these things from your eating, and you’ll have a happy baby. But I don’t know if this is wholly true. When my daughter had colic, I controlled my diet, yet it really didn’t seem to make much of a difference. She cried and cried until the day she turned three months old–on the dot. And then she stopped. So, I’m leaning to having colic be more of a immature digestive problem.

Whatever your thoughts are, the most important thing every colicky baby’s mother wants to know is how to cure it. Dr. Chlebowski strongly believes that colic can be turned around by diet modification, herbal medicine and homeopathy–when asked why he thinks modern medicine doesn’t believe this, he stated, “People are always resistant to the idea that our foods are harming us. It is much easier to blame physiology than to ask someone to change their diet, but our diets are the cause of colic and most of our health problems.”

What do you think? I’m sure you’ve pondered it during the relentless pacing back and forth and bouncing of baby!

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