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And Baby Makes Three

A new baby will bring a slew of changes to your household.

I don’t think anyone can anticipate exactly what life will be like when a new baby joins the family. Yes, we’re excited about our new arrival and that new baby can’t come soon enough, but when it does, life gets turned upside down. And even if you’re the most planned out, organized, Type-A type of person (as I was), a new baby still hits you hard.

When I had my first born, I had a fairly easy, drug-free delivery. It was the aftermath that was difficult–I couldn’t deliver the placenta, which resulted in a lot of blood loss, and a longer healing. I was wiped out and tired–and I hadn’t even made it home yet! When we did leave the hospital, I remember shuffling into my “perfect” nursery, sitting down in my brand new glider, and looking down at this beautiful baby in my arms thinking, “Now what?” Just then, my husband cheerfully announced that he would be going up the street to a friend’s house. I immediately started crying.

Yes, the transformation of you, your family, and your relationship with your significant other is huge. Most of it’s happy, but there are some hard parts. Dealing with the crying (especially if your child has colic), the lack of sleep, the pets that don’t get any attention, and the strain that a new baby, undoubtedly puts on your relationship with your partner, is hard. If your newborn has any medical issues, then this picture gets even harder.

But knowing that this will happen may make it a bit easier for you to process. As a new mom, you’ll hear over and over again (and start saying it yourself), “Yes, this too shall pass.” Whether it be your baby feeding every two hours, a fight you’re having with your husband, or your older child wetting the bed–it will be over soon. You’ll pass this stage of life. Remember this, and focus on making these memories count, because they will always be there. There is no start over, no “play again”. This is it–make the most of it.

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