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One Mom’s Story: Amanda and Twins Charlotte and Sienna

Twins are, no doubt, hard. Though they are “double the fun,” they are also “double the work.” This isn’t more true than when you have colicky twins, as the case with Amanda. Charlotte and Sienna are Amanda’s first babies, and boy did they give her a run for her money. Originally, Amanda thought that baby Charlotte had colic, but came to find that it was severe gas that she was suffering from. Amanda says, “Charlotte would start fussing around 4 pm and go til about midnight. [She’d be] screaming at the top of her lungs throwing her arms and kicking her legs–nothing calmed her down. I was always locked in the back bedroom with her all night long, leaving my other daughter with her father every night. . .” While this was happening, baby Sienna had some issues of her own. Amanda goes on to say, “With Sienna it was hard to realize she had gas because her whine sounded like she was congested and would constantly spit out her pacifier and cry for it back, seriously about 20 times in a minute, it could drive a person mad. She would also make this whining noise early in the morning when I knew she has to be exhausted and not ready to wake up around 5:00 AM. . . she would start doing this in her sleep disrupting her rest and making her more irritated.”

No one in the house was getting sleep, though everyone needed it. The household lived like this for 3 months until one night, Amanda was at her computer and decided to do a search on infant gas–up popped Colic Calm. She gave it a try, and miraculous things started happening. They saw changes after the first dosage–Charlotte hasn’t made a peep since and is now going to bed between 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

As for Sienna, when she pushed her pacifier out, they figured out that she was doing it because of gas–Amanda gave her a dose of Colic Calm the next time she did this, and “. . .she was calm within about 9 minutes. [She] passed lots of gas, and actually kept the pacifier in her mouth until she feel asleep, it was a miracle!”

With giving Colic Calm, Amanda says, “When we first started using the product we would administer it to them when we notice the symptoms starting. We now give it them before the early evening feeding. [We also give it to them] once when they first awake–we assume the gas builds up through the night and that’s why they would wake up so grouchy.” Since Sienna was making the whining noise early in the morning, Amanda started giving her a dose of Colic Calm at the 2 AM feeding–now she no longer wakes up early but instead sleeps until 6:30 – 7:00 AM!

In closing, Amanda says, “I love being a mother to these beautiful little girls and now with Colic Calm I love it even more [since] I know I can fix what is ailing them. You have me my sanity back–not to mention a little “mom and dad” time in the evening.”

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