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One Mom’s Story: Rebecca and Isaac

Isaac, with no evidence of stomach pains.

This week’s One Mom’s Story comes to us from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Rebecca, being the wife of a military man, knew hardship. But when her baby came in to the world kicking and screaming, hard would go up a notch. . .

Being a military wife is, no doubt about it, difficult. Rebecca knows this firsthand–her husband was deployed during her pregnancy, and was lucky to be able to come home for the birth of their first child, Isaac. However, when Isaac was a mere two weeks old, duty called and her husband had to go. Rebecca found herself as a new mom, and, with nearest relative twelve hours away, alone. When her son developed terrible gas pains, she realized that life wasn’t getting any easier.

Rebecca describes the situation as this, “I have had horrible stomach aches my entire life and quickly found out that I had passed it down to my son. We played around with trying different formulas hoping to find something that would fix it but were having no luck.  He was having horrible gas pains that would make him scream for hours. It was also affecting his bowel movements. His worst time was at night. He would stiffen up his body and just scream in pain. Bicycling his legs, gas drops, and gripe water did nothing for him.  After an extremely bad night I was looking up things on the internet trying to find anything to help me. I stumbled across an add for Colic Calm. I thought it was somewhat expensive, but after reading through the reviews I figured it was worth a shot and placed my first order.  Once it showed up it turned him into a completely different baby. I could literally hear the bubbles popping in his little belly, and within minutes he was happy and quiet.”

When Isaac was two months old, pain struck again. This time, Rebecca finally figured out that he was allergic to the water that he was getting, causing more stomach pains. Until they figured that out, Colic Calm was the only thing that would help him. Today, Rebecca is still administering Colic Calm,”Now at 7 months we have hit the prime of teething, and Colic Calm is what is keeping me sane. He has no problems taking it and actually loves the taste.” We’re so glad to be able to help you, Rebecca!

Are you a Colic Calm user and would like to share your story? Just let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be in touch! Thank you!

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