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Do You Live a Green Life?

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Photo by Zach Carter

We’re having company over for dinner tonight, and I’m trying to finish my work as well as get the house appropriately cleaned. I walked into the bathroom, and realizing that it still needed to be done, I reached under the counter for some Clorox Wipes. My go-to for when I need to do a quick scrub down. However, as I’m pulling out the 6th wipe, I realize, “This would have been a lot more environmentally friendly if I had just walked to the kitchen and got a rag and some spray cleaner.” By this time however, I’m almost done, and there I was, with six wipes going into the local landfill. (Yes, I have guilt issues.)

So I got to thinking, how “green” are all of you? No bad answer here, no one will be judged, I’m just curious. I think I live a pretty green life. I recycle, I use rags instead of paper towels (when I can). But sometimes, I can’t. Or can’t afford to be.

Let’s take organic milk as an example. When my first child got to be at the milk drinking age, I automatically bought organic milk–didn’t think twice about it. The whole family was drinking organic milk. But then the recession hit, and one day, I looked at the price of regular milk. HOLY COW! (No pun intended.) I could buy TWO gallons of regular milk for the cost of one 1/2 gallon of organic milk! So I did. And then, when my daughter was born, and she got to the milk drinking age, her pediatrician convinced me to go organic, again. So she gets the organic milk, the rest of us get regular.

As for fruits and veggies, I buy organic when I can–especially when it comes to the Dirty Dozen. I started shopping at out local farmer’s market, thinking it was the best for my family, but then found out that just because it’s sold at the farmer’s market, didn’t mean the food was organic. Geez, this organic, living green thing is hard!

So, again, I do the best I can. I wash out and reuse my Ziploc bags. I’ve been testing out cloth diapers (but still using disposable wipes–I guess one cancels the other out). I have a vegetable garden in the back. I pack the kiddie’s lunches in reusable containers. I’m trying hard to do my part. But again, just curious, what are the rest of you doing, if anything?

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