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Removing those Stains

oxi clean, baby laundry, removing stains from babies, vegetable carbonIf you’re a Colic Calm user you are well aware of the formula’s black liquid. You also know that a newborn doesn’t necessarily swallow all the liquids that they’re given. The combination of the two have probably left your baby’s clothes, well, a little. . . stained.

Ahhhh, the greatness of dealing with a pure formula. Colic Calm is all natural–the magic ingredient is the vegetable charcoal. It floats through baby’s digestive system, “attracting” gases, thus, relieving your baby of it’s pains. But, the flip side is, vegetable carbon is black and it can stain.

So if you have a laundry basket full of black stains, you need to invest in some Oxi Clean. The stuff is magic. Keep a tub or bucket on your washer filled with some water and Oxi Clean and when an item gets stained, just toss it into the bucket (making sure you’re not mixing whites with darks, of course.). Leave them in there until it’s laundry day, then put the entire contents into the washer, with another scoop of Oxi Clean.

Works every time, I swear. And, it not only works for carbon stains, it’s a must have for the inevitable explosion that your little one will have. You know what I’m talking about.

Before and After Oxi Clean:

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