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To Her Amazement, Tummy Calm Worked Instantaneously

baby Alyssa and her gas pains

Many babies experience at least a couple blissful weeks after birth. Unfortunately, many other babies start experiencing digestive woes soon after those first weeks. This was no different for Stacie and her beautiful daughter Alyssa. In fact she was a “very happy” until two weeks of age. Seemingly out of nowhere, Alyssa started experiencing strong gas pains that would leave her screaming every night for hours. Like most babies, Alyssa started experiencing these pains right around the “witching hours”. It left her upset and restless every night at the same time. Only the passing of time offered temporary daily relief, despite Stacie’s tireless efforts to comfort.

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She Finally Found What She Was Looking For

Baby Maddie and her battle with colic

Kimberly is mom to a beautiful 6-month-old beauty named Maddie. Maddie, like most babies her age, has experienced ups and downs when it comes to digestive challenges. Luckily she is often comforted by simple breastfeeding and a sweet cuddle with mommy and daddy. As she has grown older, she has started experiencing gas pains, colic, and periods of inconsolable crying. Unfortunately, the guaranteed go-to remedies (breastfeeding and cuddle time) were no longer working to help relieve Maddie’s discomfort. Thus began her search for answers.

Like most moms in her predicament, Kimberly dove right into the internet. She knew that some suggestions such as bicycle leg exercises, offering plain water, or cuddling her pain away were not going to work for Maddie.

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In A Few Minutes Our Stomach Aches Were Gone Like Magic!


Jessica is a busy mom of three beautiful kids (Vincent 7, Aviana 3, Talia, 1).

She knew early on that Aviana (who she lovingly calls her “High Maintenance Child”) was going to have some challenges.

She spent her first month of life in the NICU, and also had significant issues with reflux and GERD. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with colic at the same time. Aviana’s first week of life was far from blissful. Feeding Aviana was one of the first challenges they encountered. They used many of the popular over-the-counter medications to help her fragile digestive system, with very little success, though. Jessica also changed the formula they were feeding Aviana on several occasions until she was able to find the right one that accommodated her specific needs. There were several setbacks, but stayed hopeful that everything would come together. She knew the answer was out there, so she went out on her own mission to find her cure.

Like many of our Colic Calm parents, The Gandy’s scoured the web for their much needed answer. Jessica knew that there were other parents like her out there, and she was determined to find them. Then she located a forum for colicky babies, and that is where she first found mention of Colic Calm. She loved that it was homeopathic, and she appreciated that it was a natural solution to soothe her baby’s condition. She and her husband were reassured when they viewed the testimonial videos together, and quickly made their first purchase. Any lingering skepticism quickly dissipated after the first dose.

Jessica started giving Aviana Colic Calm up to 4 times daily, always after feeding and before bed. She had challenges sleeping through the night until she was 18 months old and Colic Calm was always stationed by her bedside. Jessica found that it was great for her hiccups and upset tummy as well. As an extra bonus, she found that it helped her and her husband with their upset stomach, saying “in a few minutes our stomach aches were gone like Magic!”

Aviana is now a happy and thriving 2 ½ year old. Colic Calm is still the go-to solution for every member of their family. The sweet taste of Colic Calm is a hit with Vincent (7) and Talia (1), too. Looking back now she describes the pre-Colic Calm days as just dreadful. It was impossible to get Aviana to sleep, and recalls many sleepless nights on her couch. Now that those times are of the past she is enjoying a happy new routine. Jessica and her husband call themselves the spokesmen of Colic Calm. They are determined to help other parents with their knowledge and experience. They are huge fans, and we sure love having them as members of our extended Colic Calm family!

First Impressions Are the Most Important!!


Sage is Kayla’s first baby and she is currently one month old. She was breastfeeding her baby for her first week of life when she was transitioned to formula.  Then the challenges began. She started to experience the symptoms of Colic.  As many Colic Calm families know that it comes with its share of ongoing fussiness and sleepless nights.  She attributed her discomfort possibly to Sage’s intolerance to cows milk and considered switching to soy. After failed attempts in finding relief for sage, she reached out to her pediatrician.

Her pediatrician immediately recommended Colic Calm. She’s never heard about Colic Calm nor knew much about homeopathic medications in general. She was extremely skeptical.  She recalls reading the label and the instructions over 20 times just to be sure. She didn’t have faith that the content of this little bottle will give Sage the much needed relief.  After all that she has been through, she thought it was too good to be true.  It sounded too simple, she was extremely reluctant.

Kayla recalls the first time she used Colic Calm. It was while she and her husband were out at lunch.  Sage began to get extremely fussy and knowing that she just changed her diaper and wasn’t hungry, it was time to give Colic Calm a try.  The moment she gave a dose she stopped crying and immediately became calm.  She was so calm that she even fell asleep.  Kayla was just stunned and amazed. After spending time and money for  months trying different options out in the market (formula, gas drops, air vent bottles, etc..), all it took was this simple, all natural homeopathic medication.

After the first time she knew that this was the best thing for her family. As Kayla stated  “After all,  first impressions are the most important!! I absolutely love Colic Calm”. She has a new appreciation for homeopathic medication. She was so convinced of her new found love for Colic Calm that she even entered the “Seeing is believing” video contest to share how it helped her baby. We are excited to say that we have gained another Colic Calm fan for life!

Little Precious Bundle of Crankiness

Rhea and BaeliRhea was not a stranger to colic. Her sister’s babies had all suffered from colic. Knowing full well how challenging it is to care for a child with colic, Rhea immediate went on a search for a solution when her own daughter showed the very first signs of it .

Her “little precious bundle of crankiness,” as she fondly calls her baby, Baeli, started showing extreme fussiness, most notable by “scrunching her body in pain” at about 3 months of age. Rhea tried many of the gas drops and gripe waters out on the market. Though those products didn’t work, it did often take the edge off to hold Baeli non-stop. Unfortunately, Baeli would cry the moment she took her out of her arms. As a busy mom, she couldn’t do anything else because her days and nights were occupied by Baeli’s need to be held at all times. She heard from many friends and family that car rides can sometimes help babies calm down, but that was not an answer for Baeli.

Rhea recalls going on a 16-hour drive to see her grandparents when Baeli was 2 months. Calling it a nightmare would be an understatement, she says. She knew traveling with Baeli’s tummy troubles was going to be a daunting task. It ended up being a huge ordeal, in fact.

Living in a remote area (in a small town), she exhausted all of her resources. Then she came across a Facebook feed about Colic Calm. She dove right in and learned as much as she could about the promising remedy. Her favorite part of Colic Calm was that it was homeopathic. She is a fan of homeopathic and has always chosen a natural lifestyle. She knew she was not going to give any pharmaceutical products to Baeli before exhausting all natural options. So she went straight to her nearest Babies “R” Us and grabbed a bottle of Colic Calm that very evening. That was the last day that she would ever experience difficult episodes again. The sleepless nights, the painful screams, and her “little precious bundle of crankiness” has finally found some peace and harmony. Colic Calm was the answer that she had been looking for all along, and she was so grateful that the search was over. One of Rhea’s top goals now is to help other mommies and daddies out there find their answer just like she did. That’s why she is sharing her story with you now. Never underestimate a mother on a mission. Baeli certainly thanks her mama for it!

Life is a whole lot easier with Colic Calm

April-SalsmanToo many of us can relate to this scenario. You are a veteran mommy who experienced a peaceful arrival of your first baby. You have that delectable and blissful time raising your firstborn. Then you find out that you are blessed with another arrival! You bring your new bundle of joy home. Everything is going beautifully until you get an inkling that there might be some bumpy roads ahead this time around. Something very different is brewing.

This is exactly what April Salsman experienced with her second baby, David. It all started at two weeks after birth when she decided to transition baby David to formula. He was definitely showing clear signs of digestive distress. He started to get extremely fussy and gassy a lot of the time. Many Colic Calm mommies, daddies, and families can definitely relate to that feeling of helplessness when a little ones in obvious pain. It can become quite an ordeal…even more so if raising more than one child.

April, being a determined mommy, went on a mission to find her answer. She tried many gripe waters in the market with absolutely no success. David continued to cry incessantly during the night, and was unable to be soothed without a great deal of comforting movement and holding. She even used an exercise ball which she fondly called her “Colic Ball” to create the repetitive motion that would temporarily soothe baby David. April knew this was just a temporary solution as she too needed to sleep at night, so she was even more driven to find her answer. Even with her creative efforts, she dreaded the evening ritual. Many parents find that evenings, aka the “witching hours”, are the most challenging time of the day for babies with similar issues.

Then one day at Babies “R” Us, she came across Colic Calm. She appreciated that the product is homeopathic and reasonably priced. She knew she had nothing to lose, as her pediatrician had suggested moving David on to other pharmaceutical options at that point. April, being “natural-minded” and a true believer of homeopathic medicine, was apprehensive about using pharmaceutical drugs at such a young, delicate age. After diligent research she knew she had to give this a try. She knew she made a smart choice.

“Life is a whole lot easier with Colic Calm”, says April.

It changed the quality of their lives, and it’s so good that she is sharing it with her all her mommy friends in her MOP groups. She’s a fan for life!

“I knew when it was ‘Colic Calm time'”


At the time Lara Burdge gave birth to her first daughter, Gabrielle, she was a 22-year-old single mom. Excited to be a mother, but unsure of what to expect, the first few weeks went really smoothly. At just 3 weeks old she was sleeping from 10 o’clock at night until 5:30 a.m. What more could a mother ask for so early on! That wonderful beginning did not last long, though. Though rather unusual, her colic set in around three months of age, the time when colic typically ends for most babies. She was still sleeping well at night but would wake and start crying suddenly for several hours every day. Until Colic Calm came to the rescue, that is.

Working early hours and experiencing little to no hours of respite with her infant daughter during the day, Lara was physically and emotionally exhausted. One night the fatigue hit her too hard, the colic cry set in, and she knew she needed help. Lara recounted,

Between the exhaustion, my crying daughter, and my dogs barking I felt extremely overwhelmed and knew I had reached a point where I needed someone to come to the house to help stop the stress. I put my daughter in her crib and went outside to call my mom to come home. She arrived within 20 minutes and just knowing someone was on their way helped me feel less stressed. I was able to sit with my daughter and rock her, still crying, until my mother arrived and she suggested it was time to do something about all the crying. We sat for the next few hours researching online and found tons of information about colic and different ways to help relieve the my baby. Somewhere during that search she came across a Colic Calm advertisement and we read up on the website. My mother is a strong believer in homeopathic medicine and ordered me a bottle. It arrived within days and we immediately tried it. My duaghter went from a red-faced, screaming, nothing-you-could-do-to-help cry; to a calm, relieved, soundly sleeping baby. Our lives from that point on improved 100% because I now had something that helped both me and my daughter. Whenever she cried in pain, I was able to give her a dose of Colic Calm and she felt better.”

Lara gave Colic Calm to Gabrielle whenever she showed symptoms of not being able to calm herself. The baby had a pattern that Lara could recognize. “I knew when it was ‘Colic Calm time’”.

Throughout her own childhood, Lara’s mother would always try to treat any ailments with homeopathic products before seeing the doctor. “I prefer homeopathic products over medications but still usually discuss the issues with a doctor. In all honesty, I like to use what works. And Colic Calm works,” Lara said.

When Lara gave birth to her second daughter Isabelle six years later, she started to give her Colic Calm at just two weeks, when she noticed tummy upset symptoms like gas and reflux. She gives Isabelle Colic Calm before her bedtime feeding and during the day if she is fussy.

I expected Isabelle to be a great sleeper like her older sister. I learned quickly that all children are different! She likes to sleep during the day and is up about every 45 minutes with either gas or because she’s hungry. She is a fast eater and takes in a lot of air when breastfeeding. I didn’t know about infant “wind” which is the air babies fill their bellies with when eating. I learned this prevents them from filling up on food and therefore wake up more frequently hungry. Because Colic Calm works so well when I give it to her during the day she can relax and likes to sleep a lot! She did not need Colic Calm yesterday until around 8:30pm. I gave her a dose before she fed and she slept for 4 ½ uninterrupted hours and then woke with a dirty diaper. The best thing about Colic Calm compared to other “gripe waters” is that as baby’s gas and other symptoms are being relieved, it is not painful to them. Both daughters have experienced stomach pain from gripe water that was designed to relieve stomach pain.”

Lara now gives a bottle of Colic Calm to anyone she knows who is having a baby.

What the heck did we get ourselves into!?


As new parents we kept thinking, ‘What the heck did we get ourselves into!?’ – that is, until we discovered Colic Calm.

At 3:30 a.m., Brittany White wandered in to her local drugstore, bleary eyed and desperate to find a gripe water to help her seven-week-old daughter, Kailyn, stop crying all through the night.

I was a complete mess. I took about three different products to the check out (not Colic Calm) and asked the cashier which was better. As we were comparing them, the lady behind us said, ‘Hey, you should try Colic Calm!’ She explained how well it worked for her and her friend so I put the other products back and bought the Colic Calm,” Brittany recounted. “I remember saying I would try one of the others because the Colic Calm was pricey. She told me it was well worth the price…and it definitely was!”

After about a day of using it, Brittany noticed how much better Kailyn felt after having a dose. She gave it to her baby after feedings or when she became fussy during the day, and also every single night before bed.

“Prior to Colic Calm my husband and I dreaded night time. As new parents we kept thinking, ‘What the heck did we get ourselves into!?’ We would even try mentally preparing ourselves by accepting that Kailyn was going to cry all night, but we still had several nights that we let the situation get the best of us,” Brittany said. “It was hard because we didn’t know what was wrong and as new parents you think you’re going to be able to do everything right the first time.

Brittany felt like she was failing as a mother, and wanted to make things better for her baby. “I think I even cried several times in disappointment in myself for not being a good mom.”

“Some nights we would get so frustrated and be so exhausted that my husband and I would fight and criticize one another for not knowing how to make Kailyn stop crying. We tried everything…swaddling, shushing, singing, swings,” she added. She had never treated anything with homeopathic products, not even for herself.

I remember the night I first gave her the Colic Calm. After about 15-20 of the very first dose, her full blown scream turn into a mild whine. My husband rocked her for a while and I ended up giving her a second dose an hour later, then she fell fast asleep. An hour after that I was rocking her and once again found myself crying…except this time they were tears of joy! I had finally done something right. I had finally figured out why my baby was crying, and I fixed it! That was my first ‘I feel like I’m a good mom’ moment!”

Kailyn is now 14 months old, and still takes Colic Calm as needed. Brittany has even given it to her newborn daughter, Kendall because she gets bothersome-sorry for the delay hiccups and air in her tummy. “It really helps soothe her, too.”

Melinda Peterson-Ortiz and Baby Madeline


Melinda Peterson-Ortiz one-month-old daughter Madeline would scream so much it seemed as if something was hurting her. She cried all day, and was not able to sit for more than a minute. Almost nothing would calm her.

“I was getting very stressed, which led me to having little to no patience with my almost two-year-old older daughter, and husband,” Melinda said. “I was too embarrassed to go outside the house with her always crying, which kept us in the house and just made everyone miserable since our lifestyle before was always out and about.”

When she asked her daughter’s pediatrician, he said it was just something she would have to deal with.

“There was no way I was going to sit around waiting for Madeline to grow out of it when it sounded like she was in pain,” Melinda said.

A close friend saw how Melinda and her family were struggling, and suggested she try Colic Calm.

“When I found Colic Calm, I felt like I had exhausted all other avenues. I thought that if it didn’t help, it wouldn’t be something that would hurt my baby, so I was willing to give it a try. I remember the first night giving it to her…I was a little hesitant but after hours of crying I decided to try. There was instant relief in Madeline.”


“It’s been a month since I have been giving Madeline Colic Calm, and not only is she a happier baby but our whole family is. Now that Madeline doesn’t cry as much I’m okay to leave the house, and I’m a better mom and wife from it. Her crying less allows me to give equal attention to my older daughter, and do other things around the house,” she added.

Leave It To A Mother To Help Another Mother


When Kaci Vowell’s newborn son Jakson Sky was just one month old, she noticed he started having ongoing digestive upset after returning home from a stay in the NICU. She thought his tummy troubles were being caused by the formula he was on, so she switched brands but didn’t see a change.

“After researching and talking to a few people, I figured out it was gas pain, so I was advised by a nurse practitioner to try gripe water and gas drops”, Kaci said. “Neither worked very much but they seemed to help a little so I tried them for about a week. It never seemed to really get better, so I became very frustrated that I could not do anything for my son, especially at night when he would wake up crying. I could just tell it was from pain so I started crying too. I felt so lost.”

Until grandma came to the rescue.

“My mom sent me a text message one day with a link to Tummy Calm. I checked it out just to see what it was about and after reading other people’s experiences, I decided it was worth a shot. After 24 hours, I could already see a difference!”

Kaci had tried everything else that had been recommended and felt out of options. Though she had never tried homeopathic products before, she was hopeful Tummy Calm would help her son. “It did, thank God.”